Juliette. BFD.

So, Juliette falls down the hole and sets off the bomb. Apparently, all the losties (‘cept Sawyer) don’t give a [expletive deleted] about her. They’d rather do anything ‘cept help get her.

Kate, strong enough to lift those beams herself, just stands aside airin’ out her armpits. How many people it take to get a van, anyway? Hurly should have jumped on ends of beams to catapault others off Juliette while Jin dealt w/Sayid.

Sayid’s shot! Let’s all stand around and stare at Jack. It’s only Juliette. BFD. Jack can’t fix Sayid. “Let’s have lunch.” “Oh, did you hear the one about … ”

There were strong, big-shouldered, losties w/lots of upper body strength who mighta’ saved her if they tried instead of all worrying about Sayid of making Sawyer do it all himself – including leaping out of the pit while carrying her. ” Hell-Ooo! Can I have a little help here?”

No wonder he’s pissed! (Any new Sawyerisms for the other 4?)

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6 thoughts on “Juliette. BFD.

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I remember that moment. Sayid’s like DYING, and everyone’s just kind of looking around. I’ll add this to “my gripes” post if I can remember.

  2. clearly Kate, Jack and Hurley were thinking the same way i was: “well she’s obviously going to die now, she’s got that role on that other show now”.

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