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My purpose here is not to bore you, depress you, or get you all pissed off at me or the show. I’m sure some of you uber-mega-fans hate reading anything negative about LOST at all, but I’m also sure you have your fair share of complaints…..I just want feedback on these things to see what others think about this season premiere, as well as the direction this show is going as a whole. (It’s good to vent anyway)

1). I’m having issues with Sawyer. He hasn’t had an important role forever it seems. He’s in his own world now. He just went into a temple where water frickin heals people, and yet, he’s too busy hoping Jack suffers to even notice or care. I’m sure it really sucks to watch someone that you love die like that. But it’s time for Sawyer to get back into the swing of things. Whenever the story goes to him anymore, I want to use that moment as a restroom break. I’d rather see commercials than see his angry face anymore. It’s just nothing different, and I feel the story doesn’t need it right now.

2). The CGI was embarrassing, possibly the worst I’ve seen on this show through the years. They made great strides with the smoke monster after the first couple seasons. This is 2010 though, and this underwater island was silly looking, and looked like something you’d see in a fishtank. Bad job on showing us the scope of it. It looked cartoonish and tiny.

3). I wish the writers would stop playing with us to the degree that they do. When someone asks Hurley what’s in the guitar case, dammit Hurley, just say what’s in it, even if it’s hard to describe. I’ve said this before and I’ll sy it again, it’s obnoxious the way the writers stroke their egos. Yes you (writers) are good at creating mystery, but stop overdoing it. Juliet not being able to finish her sentence was lame as well. We had to wait a while for Miles to finish her sentence for us – rather pointless.

4). Not really a personal complaint, but one many lesser fans would mention I’m sure….Stop it with these “over our heads, alternate universe, flash-sideways, extremely complicated timeline” issues. I can’t see how anyone that doesn’t join a site like this would have any motivation to keep watching after last night, as they would be beyond confused. I know none of us have a solid stance on how anything will play out right now, and I know they will “sort of” explain things throughout the season. But the show needs to start making more sense before it gets any crazier at this point. It’s going to be a miracle if they pull all this off in a believable manner. Alternate timelines can be a mess, and I hope they didn’t just open a can of worms that can’t be sealed so-to-speak.

This episode had some strong moments. It surely wasn’t perfect though either. Sorry if I’m just ruining your day with these points. I criticize often, that’s just what I do. Vent away!!!…….

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

13 thoughts on “My Gripes

  1. I unfortunatly somewhat agree. I didn’t really feel the omg-LOST-is-on-lean-forward on-my-couch-and-wonder-things-out-loud feeling that i used to get with this show.

    It was awesome to get a good healthy dose of LOST, and Hurley 🙂 but i used to love the show because of all its intriguing mysteries, that left me on the edge of my seat. and now i just feel confused. we’re just sort of watching this show that doesn’t make sense, waiting for more episodes near the end of the season so we can understand what we watched 3 months before. i dunno…i mean, LOST is great yadda yadda…but this one didn’t cut it for me.

  2. I agree. Although the special effects aren’t to important to me.

    But Sawyer come on. I understand he lost his girl, but they all agreed to go with the plan in the end. And what does Sawyer do when they all wake up from there time travel, sucker kicks Jack again. Like he sucker punched him earlier. He doesn’t even entertain the thought of seeing if perhaps Juliet survived. If it wasn’t for Kate hearing Juliet Sawyer might not have gotten that last moment with her. He was to busy blaming Jack for everything, screaming and yelling while his girl is calling for help, but still to busy in his self loathing to hear her. He’s clueless.

    I think the damage is done with Alt reality. I don’t like it. Just like time travel, Alternate realities have been done before. It’s not original and I was going to the fridge during some of those scenes. Im gonna stick with it and have an open mind, but this has lowered my expectations a bit. I hope there are no crossovers and it is just a ‘this is what would happen’ type of situation, but I dont think i can get that lucky.

    I remember back in season three I did a theory on how the Island was about Military experiments, Time Travel, Alt realities, and the search for God. This was on the old LT theories site. Well everybody ripped me apart because I didn’t read the ‘Debunked Section’ and Time Travel and Alt realities were Debunked by producers. Now what

    Thanks for the vent Chief.

  3. Glad I’m not alone. It was still awesome in ways. The smoke monster/MIB had a great showing/introduction. I thought the temple was extraordinary. It’s still only the first episode of course, but every episode is so crutial right now.

    I suppose it’s unfair to judge things when the standards are set SO high, but I feel it’s time this show starts making more sense before it becomes too late. Every episode counts right now. Before we know it, there will only be 10 episodes left, then 5, then 1…you know what I’m getting at. Thanks for your input!

  4. Yet, I just read your “more questions”, and you have every right to be concerned. I forgot all about the cabin mess. There’s a good solid 5 hard to explain answers needed in that regard alone.

  5. Good gripes…
    I agree to a point.

    The best books I have ever read in my life have always been the ones that save the suprise until the end.

    My dissapointment is minimal…yet there.

    I was extremly happy to see they did not go the typical Lost route and exclude many, while focusing on few…that was encouraging.

    I liked the fact that they showed the temple as well, and the monster in the statue was phenomenal.
    Terry O’Quinn officailly entered GREATNESS as an actor after last night…as if he wasnt there already…

    They gave us results that many were not prepared for…or didnt want to have…that makes it hard.

    The cgi is something I have come to expect. It just amazes me that I see the monster and sit back in my chair a little hoping I dont get mirrored or eaten, yet I couldnt help but give a little wtf chuckle during the underwater scene…

    I would rather be incorrect about change, than have both…I hope they get that straightened out by seasons end…I have faith that they will.

    As much as I like the “deadwood guy”…he seems more Dharma Hippie than other…but it seems the point of the others is to cover all bases of humanity…including the man who hates the using “english” and a dirty hippie translator.

    Overall, a little loose for an opener…but I have faith in the master plan…I have to…we all do at this point.

    Good post Chief, your gripes are understandable…ESPECIALLY the one with Juliet…yeah…the talk of the town today is “why didnt they bring her there?”.

    The reason…to save us from having to learn that it wouldnt work anyway…Jacob didnt bring her to he island…Ben did.

    Oh..I tried to answer the cabin questions in my newest post.

  6. Right A.E.S. I promise not to do this every week LOL. I’m just worried at how complicated the timeline situation is. If I pay attention like I do and I’m still this lost, I feel terrible for those that haven’t rewatched every episode before the opener.

    Great point with Terry’s acting as well. Talk about versatile. He goes from looking and sounding straight evil as MIB (You people dissappoint me!) into a warmhearted old man with Jack at the end.

    I’m too interested now in what MIB,Jacob, and Richard all have as a past, who they are and where/when they “came” from. I mean, MIB is looking like he could be the epitamy of evil, literally. The other stuff going on on the island seems like fluff to me now. Thanks for the support though.

  7. The underwater shots were seriously dodgy. My first thought was they only used 1 CGI guy to do it to limit possible spoilers as much as possible.
    On the complicatedness, I think it’s worse for people like us who dissect and discuss and analysise every little detail because we have so much that we want answered. I thinkfor the average viewer who is just going along for the ride they showed the two timelines quite simply. If you were a viewer who’d be convinced to stop watching over that, yop stopped watching in season 2 or 3.
    Me, I love that. I’m so curious as to where they are going to take it, the smokie character is looking really interesting now as a character, not just a thing.

  8. So far the alternate timeline has been pointless. And i will keep saying so until SOMETHING interesting happens.

    I think i read somewhere that they will answer a few little mysteries but VERY small ones and they are going to answer the real big questions in the last 4 episodes – like let them all out in one big gush. There is a possibility i dreamt that though.

  9. And i wish Sawyer would get a grip already! Yeah you lost your bird but what the hell you gonna achieve by wishing Jack pain and running off into the jungle!

  10. AES – thanks for posting that link and scaring me have to death. I finally saw the link today thanks to Sawyer Girl commenting…..Joking aside, it’s really somethin’ that we might be seeing a spaceship before this is all over. I always considered it to be an insane move on the writer’s part, but who knows>

    SawyerGirl45 – I can’t believe this either. We’re 4 hours into this season, and the alternate timeline is making as much sense as an island-shaped spaceship would. It’s literally a pain in the ass anymore. It’s impossible to enjoy something that you can’t understand to this degree.

    …And I hope you didn’t dream it. That means we’re getting answers at some point 🙂

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