I, like many others, am convinced that what we are seeing on Lost is the latest iteration of a time loop that has happened over and over and over again. Hints have been there and imbedded since the 1st season.

The loop from Rousseau’s message playing for 16 years…

Hurley making reference to a loop to Jack in season 2 where he felt out of ‘the loop’.

Dialogue like: “I’m sorry, Doc, but didn’t we already do the run through the jungle with a walky plan”…

Episode titles like “The Beginning of the End”…

Other hints but less noticeable…Ethan knocks Jack out after some fisticuffs in season 1….when Kate wakes Jack up, he’s disorientated…as he runs off in to the jungle, he says:

“i’m not letting him do this…not again!”

I think this is a subtle hint.

Also take in to consideration the fact that several times the survivors get a strong sense of Deja Vu…we’ve seen Hurley experience this…Desmond, of course (more on that later), and Jack seemed a bit spooked after the hatch door was opened…he didn’t want to go down there – as noted by Locke…I reckon he experienced some sort of weird feeling that he’d been there before.


Now, this is where things get interesting…we’ve all seen Desmond seemingly see the future…this was in relation to continually seeing Charlie die…I think we were being duped here…I think Desmond was actually seeing previous iterations of the loops when he saw the flashes…Desmond was experiencing Deja Vu but thought he was seeing the future…

It’s interesting to note that Desmond said to Charlie that the flashes don’t all exactly happen as he originally sees them…this is because he sometimes sees different iterations of the loop when he sees a flash…sometimes, the change is only minimal…other times, it’s crucial…

Desmond said he saw Claire get on a helicopter with Aaron and fly off the island…I don’t think he was lying to Charlie…I reckon that possibly did happen on a previous iteration of the loop…MIB/Smokey, this time, has stopped Claire in the jungle (posing as Christian)…I do think Claire is dead…Claire and/or Aaron must be extremely important in the execution of MIB’s final plans for the loophole…possibly the cabin sequence in the manipulation of Locke.

Daniel Faraday says Desmond is uniquely special…I agree…Desmond is only 1 of 3 people who can see the iterations of previous loops…Jacob and MIB are the others…problem is, Desmond just doesn’t know it is from a previous loop! He thought he was seeing the future…If Desmond realises that he is in fact seeing previous iterations of a loop, he can help himself and the Losties right some of the wrongs from the previous loops for Jacob to succeed. He must change first and stop running from his DESTINY…Widmore calls Desmond a coward and so does Charlie…the thought of being a coward has plagued Desmond since we’ve first met him…he’s constantly running away from his Destiny…he won’t run forever, though, and he’ll step up in Season 6.


Walt was another character who is special…Walt is either a clairvoyent or he can also see some iterations of the previous loops…e.g – when Locke touched his arm, he suddenly knew about the hatch…my guess is he is probably a clairvoyent.

When Walt is taken by the others along with the other children, he is put in to Room 23 for what seems like a lengthy brainwashing exercise…unfortunately, for them, Walt could not be conditioned or manipulated like all of the children who were taken prior to that.

Thus, Walt is a lost cause to the Others and a THREAT to MIB…(more on that in a minute)…

Ben says: “We got more than we bargained for with Walt”

I think they were relieved to see Walt go as they could not control him.


I read on another theory that MIB is actually the leader of the Others…they think they are serving Jacob through Richard Alpert bringing them lists of Jacob’s instructions…it’s actually Alpert/Smokey (posing as the original dead Richard Alpert from the Black Rock) who has passing down the instructions…I agree with this…

Anyone seen as a threat, are eliminated or sent off…Eko stood strong against the smoke monster, he was killed…Walt is also a threat because he could not be conditioned or brainwashed…in his case, rather than killing Walt, he’s let go and sent home with Michael…’banished’, so to speak.

MIB does not want change to occur…change means he loses his battle with Jacob…the cycle/loop breaks, his world comes crashing down – LITERALLY.

However, at this moment, he is winning…but maybe not for long…many of our characters still have their own demons to confront…too many of them still believe in FATE… “What’s done is done”.

This is exactly the way MIB wants them to think.

My main concern is for Sawyer at this moment:

While we’ve seen him do a bit of growing up, his comments to Jack in the last season finale:

In relation to going back off island to his childhood and stopping his father from killing his mother:

“What’s done is done” and “I don’t speak Destiny”

Dialogue like: “You run, I con: A tiger don’t change its stripes”

This is the ideology of MIB…man can’t change…they are incapable, they are WEAK…unfortunately for MIB, we are seeing evidence throughout the show that our Losties can change…this is a threat to him.


Fate/sacrifice are huge themes in the show….Charlie didn’t have to die…it was his own choice…his reasoning for dying was so that Claire could get off the island…it is presented to us on the show that it was his FATE, but it was actually his choice…he could’ve got out…this is the work of Jacob…you have to make your choice for the right reasons…Charlie changed: He kicked the drugs, he sacrificed himself to save Claire, he died by his own freewill…I think this is why we see dead Charlie talking with Hurley…once you’ve reached mass enlightenment of the soul – CHANGE for the better in this case – not only can you rest in peace, but your soul lives on…

To me, and many others, redemption has been a significant part of our characters’ stories in Lost. It’s fair to say that most of the charcters on Lost were introduced to us as flawed. Kate was a murderer, Sawyer a conman, Sayid a torturer, Charlie a drug addict etc etc.

Many of these characters have significantly developed over the past 5 seasons and now act more selflessly. Perhaps, the best example of this is probably Sawyer. Originally a man with no regard for others…to jumping out of the helicopter than enable the Oceanic 6 to get off the island…however, he is still some way away from being a completely changed man…the death of Juliet could very well set him back…

Now, think about the conversation between Jacob and the Man In Black on the beach. As the Black Rock approaches from afar, the MIB points out that Jacob brought them to the island; that they will only serve to fight amongst themselves and destroy everything on the island…Jacob says he has faith that mankind is capable of selflessness and is able to change for the good.

What he – or Jacob – will achieve at the end is not clear to me…i am unsure what this would do on the grander scale on Losts’ broader themes…people have suggested that they will perhaps save the world but i see no evidence yet that saving the world is what the End Game is.

A further footnote but perhaps less important just now…we have often heard less seen characters on the show like Christian, Ms Hawking, Charles Widmore etc talk about what they’ve had to “sacrifice” and “give up”

Ms Hawking had to with-hold love and be hard on Daniel so he fulfilled his destiny on the island…ditto Widmore…we’ve heard Christian tell Jack how he had to be hard on him, to make him the dedicated and possible ‘great’ man he would become…I reckon these characters have also had to play their part along the way in shaping the lives of Jacob’s eventual ‘chosen ones’ - directly or indirectly.

What may occur is that some of the Losties will end up on different sides…there is a potential turn to the darkside for Sawyer after Juliet’s death…many of our Losties may be on his side…a sort of Lord of the Flies island will form…who knows…

Sawyer making a deal with the Smoke Monster would certainly be an interesting turn…however, if that were to happen, I reckon Sawyer may have one last con in him to deceive the smoke monster…Wouldn’t that be poetic, the master manipulator of the island being deceived by the conman.

I reckon MIB’s demise will come at all the Losties doing but they’ll all be sacrificing their lives…

Sorry it’s a bit vague but would love any comments.

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Des is the Man


  1. Des is the Man, indeed! I really like your theory and the way you have substantiated ‘the loop’, by giving specific references.

    Where confusion sets in is where the ‘loop’ and the alternate time-line come together. We have to remember the ‘Variables’, and its meaning. It takes many small changes to occur in order to change the ‘loop’.

    The results of those small changes (variables) are what we saw in the finale of Season 5 and what will make for a different set of circumstances this season.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on Desmond, (it is the most logical of explanations) and also feel Walt has ‘abilities’.

    I feel that you have made a very good analysis and have supported your claims.

    There is still not enough known about Nemesis, The Smoke Monster, etc., to make an accurate assessment of their position.

    Very nice theory and a thoroughly enjoyable read!

  2. Consider Desmond’s favourite catchphrase:

    “See you in another life, Brother”

    Not another life – another LOOP!

    Desmond is more aware of different loops than he realises!

    That thought occured to me when considering Desmond’s character is a devout Catholic. He was a monk, of course.

    Devout Catholics would believe that once you die, you go to the afterlife in heaven. You don’t get another shot at life.

    Just thought it was an interesting phrase to give to this particular character.

  3. I think “see you in another life, brotha” is one of the best evidence to back up the loop theory, as he says it almost every time in every season he’s been on haha.

    Also, I heard from folks here and other sites that the show was initially called “The Circle” (or at least codename) before the creators changed it to “Lost.” Interesting..

  4. After watching the new episodes, I’m not buying Richard Alpert’s little sidestep to get him and Flocke out of their little predicament…I may be wrong but I still think they are on the same page.

    Firstly, he told Ilana and co. not to shoot when he came out of the 4-toed statue. Why? He obviously knows that isn’t Locke…the only way out of that situation was to pretend that he wanted to be sure who Flocke was before anything happened…the Others followed his instructions not to shoot him. Thus, gives Flocke amble opportunity to scheme his way out of the situation…knocking Alpert out and carrying his body off was probably the best way to get out of there without being shot at. I’m convinced both of them are only acting.

  5. I felt a little sad watching the new episodes when Flocke was talking to Ben about the real John Locke – about how he was weak and pathetic. I think Ben felt for him then, too.

    I want the real John Locke to be the one that saves them all. Screw Jack.

    Looking back, he’s got just about every decision he’s ever made for him and the group wrong…things like him treating John like crap or rarely listening to Sayid when he’s always right really piss me off.

    For this theories’ purposes, I’m not sure that is Sayid that awakens at the end…it could be smokie again…the writers will be screwing with us all season with this body hopping business…you won’t know who’s who…Bad Twin

  6. More evidence of a loop:

    Ben’s comment in the flash sideways.

    “I hate to sound like a broken record….how many times do we have to go over and over this?”

    Regarding MIB, I presume, is manipulating Sawyer…remember he said that Jacob came to him at one point in his life, probably when he was insecure or at his lowest ebb, and nudged him towards his path to the island?

    Does anyone see the irony that FLOCKE is saying this at a time when Sawyer is grieving and devastated by the loss of Juliet? He’s pushing all the right buttons to get Sawyer on his side…I think it is now that Sawyer is being manipulated.

    Why does he want to get off the island?

    MIB will be getting off the island at a time where he doesn’t belong in time.

    Sawyer asked if he read ‘Of Mice and Men’…he stated that it was a little after his time…this suggests he is very old…where would he fit in in the real world.

    Answer: I don’t think that’s why he wants to go to the real world….remember The Others always say they were doing what they do to save the world? Perhaps they save the world by keeping MIB trapped on the island…if he gets to the outside world, his evil may spread.

    Or, it could be, that to complete his loophole, he must kill Aaron before he comes back to the island in the past…this may be where he changes his name to Jacob, and so, the loop begins all over again!

    This is a bit of a stretch of a theory but I don’t think he can get off the island without someone helping him off.

  7. I’m a big believer in Time Loop, I know most are not but if we are going along with the story of “Lost” an Ben does in fact get shot by Sayid, Then wouldnt this mean like Miles was telling Hurley “Your crazy buddy sayid shot Ben, An thats what has always happened” but if thats true then in order for Ben to live up to what he becomes years later He would indeed need to be shot by a time traveling Sayid for the future we are shown to occur, that was obviously how Ben becomes an official Other.

    Thats from a post I did when we first seen Ben shot by Sayid & I did a post similar to this one awhile back, one of my main points being the incident between Ethan & Jack an the comments that followed. There is ton of evidence for a loop but just have pay attention. Im on board with you Des onthis timeloop thing keep it alive.

  8. As I predicted on my theory, Sawyer has aligned himself with MIB…however, I’ve predicted that he is running a long con…he will pay for it for his life, though, I think.

    Remember the episode in season 1 where Sawyer shot the wrong man, Frank Duckett?

    As he was dying he said:

    “It’ll come back round again”

    Not only is this more evidence of a loop, I think it has ambiguous meaning now…I think it either meant that Sawyer will be faced with this situation again, but won’t pull the trigger…or, more likely, Sawyer will be the victim of a similar situation…if it is the latter, here’s how it will happen.

    Sawyer, on that particular occasion in season 1 was the man conned in to killing the wrong man…I think, by seemingly aligning himself with the MIB, he’s going to put himself in the firing line…he’ll be running a long con and trying to do over MIB, but, after Sayid becomes ‘infected’, which i think will happen, panic will set in and our Losties won’t know who to trust…there will be a point where Sawyer is close to executing his plan to screw over MIB, but will be the victim of a bullet from one of our Losties who think he has also been infected because he’s running around with MIB…it will be either Kate or Jack to do the deed, I reckon…or, MIB, a master manipulator himself, will know what he’s up to, and kill him.


  9. Not been on here in a while…thought i’d read over one of my old theories and i’m pleased to see that this one has come up trumps in some respects…ok, so the Alpert stuff was all wrong but I called it when i said that Desmond would have an awakening and step up to help the Losties in the last season…I predicted Sawyer trying to get the better of MIB in the conning stakes…he tried, ultimately failed as predicted, but didn’t die….YET! He almost sacrifised everyone’s lives them where he got it wrong on the sub…

    Jacob and MIB stuff I got mostly right…they’re trying to keep him on island so his evil doesn’t spread…Jacob, as i said, wants people to make decisions for themselves and not by his interference…

    Quite a decent theory, I must say.

    Can’t wait for the final weeks!

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