and boom there goes the hyrdogen bomb…

Reggie Miller looking good…Okay I started posting this in a comment on anOther theory and thought I might as well post it here:

They showed 2 timelines, one where the plane safely landed from when they took off in 2004 and landed there the same day, same year.

The other we were shown was the result of what happened to Jack, Sawyer, Kate, etc. after Juliet blew up the bomb.  Juliet tells Sawyer that “it worked”, because they landed in 2004.  Sawyer doesn’t think it did because Juliets dead, and they are still on the island in 2007.

We know they are in 2007 because that’s when Sun, Lapidus, Ben and Richard are.  We know they are in the same time period because The Others launch off the firework to warn everyone that Jacob is dead.  I think that we will be shown the Losties in 2004 slowly merging into the timeline where they are in 2007.  I don’t think there will be another plane crash, maybe their concionesses reconnect like Desmond’s, because according to Eloise Hawkins the universe has a way of course correcting itself.  I don’t want to forget about all the physics I learned from LOST.

I guess to sum it up somehow between them landing in 2004 and 2007 they will get back on the island and be where they are now (in 2007).  I am totally thrilled to see what the writers have in store for us.

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9 thoughts on “and boom there goes the hyrdogen bomb…

  1. I’m sort of annoyed at this story line actually, they said no more flashbacks, which I was really looking forward to, just straight up stuff happening that pertains to the story. Now, I guess this isn’t a flashback as it was in the previous seasons, but it is still the same thing, and I feel like it’s a way to stall, esp if this alternate time line is just going to end up being merged…they’re just wasting our time showing us what won’t happen. Maybe it’ll get better.

  2. I think as she dies, her conscience drifts into the NEW timeline conscience.

    This may have happened to Locke as well…

    I could be very wrong on this…but it makes sense.

  3. @A.E.S.

    Oh, wow that actually makes sense.

    I was originally wondering what would be the use of timelines converging. Its sorta useless. whats the purpose? for consciences to join together? it didnt seem to serve a purpose.

    But in the case of a second life- it makes sense. when they die their concencess moves to the alternate timeline.

    I was happy to see that Locke wasnt depressed or anything. he seemed to be doing fine in the alt timeline.

  4. AES you may be right about her conscience traveling bc she had something alongbthe lines of “we can go Dutch” and she obviously wasn’t talking to Sawyer at that moment

  5. Not sure I agree with you about the two timelines converging.

    We have two completely seperate timelines: one in which the plane lands in LA and the Island is underwater and another alternative where the bomb going off/the incident caused the Losties to travel through time from the seventies to 2007 (where the Island is not underwater).

    The plane landing in LAx is a paradox-I need to think about this and write a tehory!

  6. @A.E.S.

    I like the thought that they merge into the new timeline when they die and right at the point of death they are momentarily in both timelines. Perhaps Jack dies of an injury to his neck and that’s why there is a little bit of blood. When we see him on the plane he has just crossed over from his death.

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