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I did some research (pausing and repausing on my dvr) and found out the name of the book Hurley took off of Montand.  The book is written in some language other than English, but I was able to figure out what book it is.  It is “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard.

Here is a summary from wikipedia:

“The work begins with a meditation on the faith of Abraham when he was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac.[3] Silentio gives four alternative re-tellings in which Abraham fails the test of his faith and contrasts them with his own interpretation of the story of Abraham and the faith therein demonstrated. Silentio professes to admire Abraham’s faith, but he is utterly incapable of comprehending it.”

the words alternative re-tellings stuck out to me

Here are some themes:

“In Fear and Trembling Kierkegaard introduces the “Knight of Faith” and contrasts him with the “knight of infinite resignation”. The latter gives up everything in return for the infinite, that which he may receive after this life, and continuously dwells with the pain of his loss. The former, however, not only relinquishes everything, but also trusts that he will receive it all back, his trust based on the “strength of the absurd”.”

The Knight of Infinite Resignation – MIB

The Knight of Faith – Jacob

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7 thoughts on “Hurley’s Book

  1. This too makes a good point:

    Silentio (one of the characters form the book) personally believes that only two people were ever knights of faith: The Virgin Mary, and Abraham. It is also possible that Silentio regards Jesus as a knight of faith. Silentio grants that there may be knights of faith out there that we do not know about, or that there never have been knights of faith. This is because knights of faith exist alone in isolation. (Like on an island…where nobody sees him…in a giant foot)

  2. Oh thank god…I havent had the time to get into this.

    Thank you for posting.

    I will be back to this post…all I want to say is that the authors ENTIRE life and career is based around the idea of taking “A LEAO OF FAITH”!!!

    I love this theory…

  3. No big deal – I spelled from – form.

    My brother just told me that Doc Jensen goes into this a little more, we must be on the same time line but Doc Jensen is meeting the others in the temple in 2007 while i just landed at LAX in 2004…way ahead of me…

    I don’t know where i was going with that one…I love LOST, LOST LOST LOST…

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