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Near the end of season 5 I suggested the idea of parallel timelines and how subtle differences could affect the outcome of what was to happen. Regardless of what we currently believe I strongly believe it is going to be nigh on impossible to really predict how the story will pan out. Currently anything is possible and the writers have said, along with Michael emerson that there are more twists and turns which are mind blowing and that the lost universe is still to expand further. Instead of retreading the same old same old ALT time line, smoke monster MIb, I kinda thought I could put some suggestions about the overarching story and see how they are recieved. I do not believe in any of these, however i think thinking outta the box is the way to go.

1. The island is atlantis – yes I know its an old one but why not. Drenched in Egyptian mythology – check, linked to a utopian society – check, magical powers -check. Under water – in one timeframe, check. no?

2. We all seem to assume that MIB needed to kill jacob, no one seems to ask why??? What was it Jacob was in control of. If it is, as some people are saying, a test between the balance of free will vs nature then Jacob and MIB’s role is merely as a facilitator. They cannot impact on this or else it impacts on peoples freewill. My point being what does Jacob being dead change? The ash seems to be the element which imprisoned the monster.

3. THe power of the island represents the balance of power in the free world? This is why the island is so important, and why the losties have such a large role to play? Without bad there can be no good, there has to be a balance. There have been hints to this all over the place.

4. Of the remaining losties each one represents a number from the val equation. The combination of these working together, much like the numbers helps create harmony…after, in all probability a massive war. Jack seems to be the only one who has “flashed” and perhaps he has the potential to ensure that the 3 timelines we are seeing all members of the losties are on the right team. In 2 of the time frames we may see what would happen if they are not aligned together carnage etc…. and it will be Jacks responsibility to ensure everyone is fighting together to contain MIB again. If this is the case i have the feeling we will find out later in the season that Jack landing on the island isnt the first time it has happened. I just hope it doesnt end the way it began!!!! Try again Jack – almost like a test from Christian.

5. Its all in Jacks mind – caused by the stress of his marriage breakdown and his desire to fix the unfixable. This would be even less preferential to the spaceship ending. PLease god no!!!!!!

Anyone got anything else for the overarching story thats different to what we ve got?????

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  1. All I can say is, very good points. If it is Atlantis, I want them to mention it in the show. I don’t want it to be one of those things where the writers say “hmmm….could be” when it’s all done.

    I’ll laugh my balls off if it’s all in Jack’s head.

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