The Cabin – Ring of Ash – Smokie

Ok I am having trouble wrapping my head around something. Someone here should be able to shed some light for me.

I was getting the impression that MIB/Smokie was the one in the cabin the whole time. The ring of ash would mean he was held captive inside the cabin. At some point that ring of ash was broken and he would have been released.

How then was smokie running around on the island from the very first episode? We don’t actually know when the ring of ash was broken. So maybe that happened before the pilot? Maybe Jacob was in the Cabin at first? Then smokie got locked in there later?

Illana and crew said that someone else was using the cabin then burnt it to the ground.

I’m just looking for clarity on this. It seems weird to me.

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  1. hey Lostitute, some of us were talking about this, too in another thread called “More Questions.” under Questions.

    I begin to think it became/was MIB’s cabin with little clues scattered in the cabin and episodes. But we’re still stumped with the ash thing (or at least I am)!

  2. yeah im not sure either i think were going to see some kind of insight into this later on in the time line of it all, and even maybe if it wasnt either of them but im pretty sure it was (smokie, the black smoke, smoke monster, Flocke, Un-Locke, Cerberus, MIB, Esau) or as i think he is, Samuel.

  3. There could be something with Smokie and the little talisman that was dropped when he vanished. When Illana’s crew came into the room under the statue, they shot him and hit him. He then ducked behind that pillar and vanishes. The big guy picked up what looks like a little golden snake head.

    So Smokie perhaps has some object/technology that allows him to manifest in the human forms.. even though he said he was human.


  4. Lostitute,

    I thought the “talisman” youre talking about were bullets that somehow wasn’t able to penetrate Flocke. I could be wrong.. I need to watch it again.

    Also, I wonder why there’s so much hush-hush regarding MIB’s name. Maybe it’s a name that will give THE answer away, or a name we know from an episode, or whatever.

  5. I have 2 rewatch, LA X but the cabin is obviously Jacob’s.. They have said that, though the ring of ash was broken. S

    mokey has not been contained in the cabin since the pilot b/c he appeared to the losties on the beach..

    So there are 2 things that keep smokey out… ash ring, and sonar fence.

  6. Yes! A bullet, you are totally right cliff87! I can’t believe I thought it was something else. I think I just have a tendancy to overthink.

    Sinister I never thought that perhaps the ring of smoke was meant to keep Smokey out. That kinda makes more sense than keeping him in.

    I’m starting to feel like a moron!

  7. I had a post on here about the circle of ash…. This is what I noticed.

    I am rewatching The Man Behind The Curtain and noticed that when they show Ben and Locke walk up to the cabin there is a quick shot of the ash as Ben steps over and if you look right where he is walking the ash appears to already be broken. I know there is a shadow there but if you look at the height of the ash it looks like the ring is already broken. Anyone else notice this?

    To me that means the whole time Jacob has not been in the cabin.

  8. I agree with Sinister in that the circle is meant to keep smokie out, so the cabin was originally protected. my big question is, when was the ash broken for smokie to then get in? If the circle was intact when Ben and Locke turned up then what happened can’t have been smokie, but if it had already been broken, how long had Ben inadvertantly been chatting to smokie? Does Ben know why ash or has he been kept out of the loop (pardon the pun)?

  9. i think something like this has happened b4. someone getting killed. remember when someone went into the cabin and there was a piece of cloth stabbed onto the wall, and in the new episode you see Evil Locke cutting a piece of red cloth from jacobs house/foot palace..

  10. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about for some time. First of all,
    I’m still not totally convinced that Cerberus and Nemesis are one and the same.

    Even though it may seem we’ve gotten that cleared up,
    I’m not so sure(some of my reasons for that I posted on another thread – The Leash of Cerberus revisited)

    But nevertheless – the broken ring of Ash – who, whan and why?
    I propose – Nemesis/Flocke himself. Remember, when Ben went to be judged/played like a puppet,
    and Nemesis went out into the woods.
    We never got to know what he did or where he went, right? I think he went to the cabin, messed up the ash, and left the Knife/message for Illana’s crew.

    This also making me Believe Jacob’s “They’re here..” refered to the Losties and Not Illana, Nemesis knew THEY were coming – he Told them where to go! No, Nemesis is afraid of the Losties – and dare I guess that the Paper in the Ankh was in fact the famous LIST!

    Hurley asked what it said: “that if we don’t help you’re friend – we’re all in a lot of trouble…”
    I’m guessing that upon learning that the fatally injured man is Sayid – a name on The List – that would motivate, such a short and precise reply to Hurleys question: “What was on it? Your names and His’ the dying man’s – if he goes bye,bye, the shit will hit the fan, you feelin me?”

    But I’m getting off topic aren’t I, sorry, ma bad.. Anyways, I realize that there’s a hole in my theory on Nemesis and the ash – time. Or more precisely Their Place in Time.

    Nemesis went out into the jungle in 07, right? So that would mean I’m screwed right there? No, we’re talking about an Island that has a habbit of jumping through time. Such a thing could have(and probably did happen – we have yet to find out who were firing at the Losties in the water when they were skipping through time – that was post Ajira, wasn’t it?) and as we also know – the loud sound and flash isn’t even noticable for most except the Losties(though I guess Sun should have seen it – however we have yet to find out why She Didn’t flash back with the rest, so perhaps it could be related – at first I was gonna say that – after all she must be on the List – Jacob went to see her as well, right? But it just hit me – maybe he didn’t! Maybe he only went to see Jin. See, I’m not sure where we have Jacob, in my opinion, he kinda messed up the lives of everybody with his visits, Messing with Jack’s fragile head, Sawyer finishing the letter, Kate not learning a lesson that could have changed her life, Sayid – basically killing Nadia in my opinion! Playing the guilt card on Hurley, He did seemingly save John, so I’m not sure about that one, but then Jin, and Sun.. I’m not sure how I would explain it”curse” I don’t know, but Jin didn’t seem cold to Sun at all when they fell in love – who’s to say it didn’t start with Jacobs visit? Is that stretching it a bit too far? Probably, so if you have any ideas, let me know)

    Sidetracking again, sorry – if not via a “Natural” Flash, then maybe Nemesis simply have the same ability Jacob seemingly has – Jumping through time
    (Though space doesn’t seem to trouble Jacob either, unlike Nemesis, who can’t go home) But some to think of it – it seems more likely that He can Flash/Jump by will – doing so would allow him to go back in time and disturb the ash a “long time ago” – with results I literally can’t imagine right now, but.. Feel free to jump in

  11. As far as we know, Ben has never talked to anyone in the cabin. He admitted he was pretending and “talking to an empty chair”. Right before he killed Jacob he said something like… doing all these things in the name of a man I never met…. blah blah… when he asks to see you he gets marched up here as if he were Moses. So unless Ben is in on the plan of MIB (or Jacob) he has never talked to anyone in the cabin. IMO

  12. Wait I’m confused now. Was Christian an apparition of Smokey? If so then how did he get in if the ash circle wasn’t broken yet? Or was it? When exactly was the ash circle broken?

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