I am so confused. I think I need to go back and watch all the episodes again because I cannot wrap my mind around anything that happened last night!

Could someone explain the alternate timeline and how that makes any sense? Is it a hypothetical situation or what? The reason I ask is because if they really did ‘change the future’, then why are they still on the island? Also, what’s the deal with them suddenly emerging from the Temple with people from a completely different time period?

Help, please!

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  1. Im an engineer not a physicist but i do recall that there is a theory that in principal every event that could happen does happen and therefore a new universe is created…….

    so for instance in our universe the Allied Forces won the second world war! However they could have easily of lost. So somewhere in another universe is me (or not) typing in German in the country formally known as England!

    Now this is an extreme example but in theory i could walk down the street and turn right in this universe and a whole new universe would be created where i turned left! And everything before that point was the same and everything after is different!

    This could be the approach the creators are using!! Which explains why Shannon was not on the plane (how gutted was I!!) because the bomb went off which caused a different post 1977 history to happen! Even though the bomb going off and Shannon getting on the plane are two separate events one ultimately leads to the other, cause and effect, and all of that……….

  2. Brother_Des, as good of an explanation as we’re gonna get right now. We’re supposed to be confused at this junction. There is not one person outside of the show that has an inclination of how this story’s going to end.

    I can’t imagine trying to get back into this show without the help of online theories, or immediate rewatching of episodes. I don’t blame the non hardcore fans for wanting to kind of give up right now. The feeling of such helplessness has got to be excruciating.

    K, it’s not THAT bad, but I just watched every episode a month ago, and I’m still lost. I can’t imagine how lost I would feel if I didn’t.

  3. the more i watch the more confused i get as there are so many pieces!! for instance i had completely forgotten about Jin delivering the watch….Widmore?! who knows!

  4. Yes, confusing.

    The theory described by brother_Des is called (in science fiction circles) the Multi-verse theory. It is not new.

    If you are interested in getting a better handle on it, Philip K. Dick wrote a terrific book called “The Man In The High Castle” in which just such a thing happened. The allies lose WWII and Germany occupies the Continental United States.

  5. in my opionion.. Alt timelines cant really exist because…
    theres no such thing as randomess or choice. cause and effect- which applies to the human brain aswell. We dont think up random stuff. something caused us to think it. chemical reactions and stuff happening in our brain. If we were given enough information. we would know exactly what’s gonna happen.

    that said, scients will never be able to predict things perfectly, because we dont have the instruments to calcuate how certain stuff happens (decay of atoms)

    Anyways. That means everything that was ment to happen will happen.

    If someone was to go to the past. they were always gonna do it.

    815 was always gonna crash.
    Jack&co always went back to 1977. they always blew up the jughead.- which caused the swan to be built. which crashed the plane.

    Now what about this alternate timeline?

    well… Im not sure. something that could have happened. because of the energy of the bomb, mixed up with the energy of the pocket could have… caused… a side timeline.
    -but theres one import thing. I think this alternate timeline was always going to be created whenever they blew up the bomb. Its 2 timelines that exist inside a whatever happened, happened universe.

  6. jj23 I think, posted a really good diagram in AESs post on Alt Timelines from a week or so ago. It explains what has happened really nicely.

    I think what we will find out is that when Juliet hit the bomb a paradox occurred (if the bomb stopped 815 from crashing then they couldn’t be on the island to blow up the bomb, so 815 crashes…) The paradox and the huge amount of electromagnetic energy caused time to ‘split’ 1 timeline continues as if the bomb didn’t go off and is what we have seen in the first 5 seasons. The second timeline was created by the bomb going off. All the little and big differences are a result of changes from 1977 – what happened when the bomb went off?

    The EM energy is also the reason why the losties were time skipped back to their ‘native time’ on the island, where and when they should have been with no time travel. Now everyone is when they should be, how they bring the 2 timelines together so we have one of each where they should be will be an interesting story.

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