For the Hardcore Researchers!!!!!!!

Hey I haven’t posted for like nearly a year so have got alot of reading to catch up on…..just want to get a few things down before I do….Im sorry if i repeat anything that has already been said but this is going to be the base of my theorys to come.

Im sure by now we are all aware that the statue is of Taweret…..the egyptian goddess of child birth and fertility. She is usually portrayed with the arms and legs of a lion and the back and tail of a crocodile hence the long snout and the four toes.

Taweret then became the demon wife of Apep the god of evil. Set later took over the role of Apep and Taweret became concubine with Set but not married as Set was already married. It was then said that Taweret became an evil goddess but changed her ways and held Set back on a chain.

This leads me to believe that smokey is Set….remember how it sounds like chains whenever hes around? Plus smokey has to be connected to the ground at all times.

So if smokey is Set then I believe Jacob to be either Osiris or Horus because both of these were his enemys. One part of me wants to think that Richard is Horus the eagle headed god hence the lovely eyeliner make-up. And Jacob been his father Osiris.

Set was the leader of upper egypt which would also explain his being on the island if you follow the jump co-ordinates for the island theory.

Also aswell as Ancient Egypt Gods I have been looking at Greek Gods. The similaritys to the story are also amazing for example one of the olypians that defeated the Titans was Hades who was the god of the underworld who has the healm of darkness, the cloak of invisibility and Cerberus the three headed dog…..i was thinkin smokey could be this kind of, hence the chain noise again and smokey always seems to split into like a 3-headed thing when attacking. The entrance to this Underworld is through an Island called Oceanum….sounds a little like Oceanic to me. Besides Hercules the only other living people who ventured to the Underworld were all heroes: Odysseus, Aeneas (accompanied by the Sibyl), Orpheus, Theseus, Pirithous and Psyche. I think these six heroes refer to our six Losties.

There are also references to the Bible. Mainly The Book Of Revelation…….it has been said that it ca be interpreted in mainy ways:-

1. Historicist – A view of history

2. Preterist – A view from the present day

3. Futurist – A view of the future

4. Symbolic – Symbolising the ongoing struggle of good and evil.

It also says that none are mutually exclusive and can be used in combination with each other…..sound familiar???? The plot of Lost is based on past present future and the sybolism of good and evil. Thats 1 connection.

I think the story is a mixture of these 3 different religions….where the good seem to have the names of the bible and the evil the names of Ancient Egyptians.

Another theory of mine is that MIB is not smokey but in fact is Hades and smokey is either Cerberus or Anubis. Hades just has control over it. My reason being that Hades has a cloak of invisibility and in the recent episodes he runs behind a pillar and disappears. Smokey then comes kills everyone and disappears. Then suddenly he reappears again from inside the room. If this is true then it would lead me to think that smokey could be Thanatos the ebodiment of death. I also believe Richard could be Hermes as he is described as the guide to the underworld. An Olypian god, he is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of thieves and road travelers, of orators and wit, of literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures, of invention, of general commerce, and of the cunning of thieves and liars. He is the messenger from the gods to man and therefor would be a fitting role for him.

I am going to bed now so I will finish tomorrow please leave your ideas and thoughts of this theory thus far.

Anybody wanting to research further yourselves research the following names:-







and finally try looking up the Book of Revelation I think this is how Lost is going to end!

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8 thoughts on “For the Hardcore Researchers!!!!!!!

  1. Oh how I love this theory. I think it makes a lot of sense and is going to make me look into the things you bring up. You may want to check out my theory about Nehebkau, it sort of dovetails with your theory. Thanks for the great thoughts.

  2. Im surprissed we havent bumped into each other through the ancient egyptian pages via google lol, ive been reading right into this for the last few weeks, its also very fitting that either set or apep i cant remember right now could transform to appear as other beings to trick others.

  3. I’m not a researcher by any means, but this sounds really good. There’s got to be a solid reason Dharma refers to Smokie as Cerberus.

    I love the connection between the statue and Smokie, and the chain sounds Smokie makes.

    As much as I agree that MIB and Smokie are separate entities, very few people do, including the damn producers. Guess they said on Kimmel last week, that MIB was Smokie. I don’t know what the hell that’s all about.

    Anyway, if it’s turns out that ancient Egyptian gods are real, or any ancient dieties for that matter, I’d be shocked. Although I’d like to see it. It would explain a whole lot. Good post

  4. Thanx Achalli 🙂

    Jenius lol at the google pages….i prefer wikipedia ;P you make a good point about the transforming and i believe it was actually Athena that helps gods transform…..Im not positive it was Athna but I do know it was a female god.

    I still think they could be seperate otherwise I think we would have seen Flocke turn into smokey….I think the directors are trying to mislead people so it is more shocking when it comes out…..maybe lol.

    waycurious I will have a read after I’ve had a nice hot bath lol….thanks for your input on this all of you….I will be back to add more 😀

  5. Hey Wesley, I love your ‘fresh’ take on this subject matter.

    I am quite intrigued and would love to hear more about it, from you.

    Nice theory!

  6. Wesley I agree with you nearly 100% on Set/Apep. I did the same research and am convinced at the very least Smokey is Apep. Also for the Greek side of Set/Apep check out Typhon. I think he matches up very well. I wasn’t going to post a theory but you have inspired me to add my thoughts in a theory of my own and I’ll be sure to reference you in my post.

  7. lol shm2003 we are all here to share knowledge and get ideas on other theorys and develop them more….I am glad I inspired you 🙂

    Just read up on Typhon and indeed this fits well. For other readers Typhon may be derived from the Greek τύφειν (typhein) meaning ‘to smoke’ but also describes him as having a human form….interesting.

    I really think we are onto something here. I will be checking up on ur posts to see what you find and will be making posts myself so be sure to read. I WILL work out the answer to Lost before it happens….it is my destiny ;P lol

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