I would like to clear up this conflict between us as it has gotten out of hand and is really unproductive. It all seemed to start with you posting a question on what has changed, which was a topic that I was quite adamant about and had talked about at length just that week with someone else. It got heated and personal and from then on anything I say is being taken as an attack. Yes, I am sarcastic, persistent, at times obsessive and can be quite blunt in my manner of questioning, I own that these traits can come across as agressive at times. You also have many of these traits which is why we clash. I don’t want this to keep going on, I don’t want to have to check any theory I feel like commenting on to see whether you posted it and wonder how you will take what I say and I’m sure you don’t want to continue with it either. My questions and comments to you are no different to what I would say in anyone else’s posts and I have no problem with people questioning and disagreeing with me in the same way. I mean no disrespect, I don’t mean to attack and I would very much like us to be able to shake hands and move past this. I will make an effort to watch my tone while commenting and would ask you to not take my questions as an attack straight off.
So can we call it a truce, shake hands and move on please?

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