Achalli’s Lemonade, Smokey’s File In A Cake, And Nemesis’ Reunion

I’ve been against the idea, now fact, that Nemesis/Flocke/Smokey are the same thing. I now have to, no matter how much I dislike the idea, deal with it and work with that idea. For a couple of days now I’ve been pondering the situation looking for a way to at least make the fact a little more palatable to me; making lemonade from lemons as it where.

At some point Nemesis was imprisoned within the circle of ash where the cabin is eventually built. Now hold on some of you are saying, if Smokey and Nemesis are the same being, how is it that we see Smokey running around the Island when he’s supposed to be trapped in the cabin? My answer, only Nemesis’ mind was imprisoned in the cabin. Smokey, his ‘body,’ was left roaming the Island. As one entity Nemesis is formamible and able to hold a manefestation for a long time. Seperately, Smokey can only manefest an apparition for a short period of time. Although separated from his body, Nemesis still has some rudimentary control of Smokey and able to telepathically use Smokey to search for a suitable candidates to use to escape and hide in. But the Other’s keep getting rid of anyone who comes to the Island.

Then one day Nemesis’ salvation drops from the sky. Until the day that Oceanic 815 crashes the Others have been able to prevent any one else from being able to help Nemesis. But those groups were small and manageable. But not 815. Not only that but Nemesis finds a person who he can use to hide in, escape in, and then use to merge his physical body with his mental essence. That is where Locke comes in. Locke is in essesnce the file hidden in the cake given to the prisoner.

Nemesis then lurked inside of Locke even after his death until the body was returned to the Island. At that point he called out to his own body (Smokey ) and was reunited. Nemesis can now hold a form for as long as he wishes. He had to wait until Locke was dead because Locke’s consciousness was holding him in check.

This scenario is how I reconcile the fact that Nemesis and Smokey are the same. It is my lemonade as it were. I hope you enjoy it.

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Lungbarrow, Achalli Number516644 Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconcieved notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. - T.H. Huxley

14 thoughts on “Achalli’s Lemonade, Smokey’s File In A Cake, And Nemesis’ Reunion

  1. I dont think Nemesis is entrapped in the cabin with the ash, i thought the ash was to keep him out, then in the break of ash he got in, hes a smart naughty monster to see how he knocked down the roof to knock the bodyguard out of his circle.I think its probally the same thing here. I also dont think hes using Lockes body he has just made a replica of Lockes body, otherwise locke wouldnt be in the coffin?

  2. I believe Nemesis used Locke’s body as a vehicle to leave the circle of ash. When Locke’s body was brought back he then duplicated it.

    IMO who was imprisoned in the cabin is open to debate. The problem I have with Jacobs being in there is that why would the group that’s supposed to be protecting him leave him in the middle of the jungle and then leave the Island? Also, we’ve seen Jacob off island in several different periods. I believe Illana’s group went to the cabin first to make sure Nemesis was still there.

  3. I’ve been in the camp that Nemesis and Smokie were not the same entity even though alot of stuff pointed to it. I agree that the ash being broken was what brought them back together. I wonder if we are ever going to see who broke the circle.

  4. Do you think then that is why Richard and the others needed to take Paul’s body from Amy? Also why he asked to see where the bodies were buried so as Smokey couldnt use these bodies?

  5. Hi Achalli, I am in agreement with some of your thoughts in comment #2, but am uncertain who Ilana was actually looking for. Your thoughts on this makes sense.

    The cloth on the wall that Ilana removes is from Jacob’s Tapestry, indicating he may have been there at some time.

    One aspect of the Cabin that is being overlooked is, who did John Locke actually hear, when he and Ben went the first time, and a voice said, “help me”.

    I am of the opinion at this juncture, that this was neither Jacob or Nemesis. Any thoughts on this?

  6. Dabs, I guess whose voice we heard would depend on who we think is in the cabin. If you believe it was Nemesis, then that’s who we heard. But, given the little information we have, it is equally possible that it was Jacob that we heard. It may yet still be another entities or aspect of the Island that we haven’t been introduced to yet.

    Roland, I’m sorry for the misspelling of your name. When I do something like this from my phone I sometimes go to fast and don’t see what the predictive text slips in.

  7. I also thought it was very interesting that Richard was so adamant about getting those bodies. Remember Amy said “We have to bury the bodies”? Was that to hide them from the Others or was that part of the truce? I don’t remember. If it is part of the truce was Richard just wanting to be sure that they were buried? And if that is so, does that mean Nemesis or Smokie or whoever can’t use a body that is buried?

  8. Another thing, did anyone else find it odd that Flocke cut out a piece of tapestry to clean the knife that killed Jacob? It just seemed a little weird to me and I wonder if it holds any significance. Seeing him cut it out reminded me of the piece being found in the cabin. I wonder if these two things are related…any thoughts?

  9. Moni, IMO Richard taking the bodies wasn’t part of the original truce but was a way to keep the truce. As for burying them I think it is a way to keep them out of Nemesis’ hands. And I think it is also the same reason that the Others cremate their dead like we saw in season 3.

    I also noticed the piece of tapestry that Flocke used but wasn’t sure if it was the same one as in the cabin. Speaking of which IMO the piece in the cabin was left by Flocke as a signal to Illana and her group that Nemesis was out and that they failed.

  10. I’m pretty sure the enhanced version on The Incident confirms that they went to the cabin looking for Jacob, or something along those lines. But it does explain what they were doing.

  11. With the recent developments of “infection” returning into Lost, this could definitely make sense. Im starting to wonder if its a physical form of his mind running about, and his body is what is actually in the cabin (or he physically died in the cabin).Maybe its not his mind actually entering people, but a way to instill his mind “the monster” into other people.

    The infection gives this idea a reason to take another look and analyze the situation with the man in the cabin, and the ‘possession’ taking place on the island.

    I like lemonade…good stuff Achalli…

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