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First of all. I am new to posting but have been reading the site for quite some time now. Sorry if I make rookie mistakes.

I would like to start by saying that there is OVERWHELMING evidence that smokey is MIB. The first of which comes from the producers themselves. There have been many interviews in which we have been told by the producers that we have seen the smoke monster before in various forms before such as the black horse, Yemi, etc. So we know that it can take many forms. Conjecture about the true meaning of Flocke’s words “sorry you had to so me like that” usually seem pretty contrived, but then again a lot about this show is.  The rest of this theory goes with the assumption that the smoke monster can take different forms, those forms are (usually?) dead, and at the start of the show, its current form was John Locke.

Now to the idea of Flacob, or, Fake Jacob.

When Jacob appears to Hugo, he instructs him to take Sayid to the temple. Hugo, who has no idea where this is, is then told that Jin would know where it is. When Hugo asks Jin where it is, he tells him about the small hole under the wall where the entrance is. The reason Jin knows this is because he watched the Smoke Monster kill Rousseau’s friends or get dragged down into the hole. Why would Jacob know that Jin would know where the entrance is? He probably wouldn’t, but the Smoke Monster definitely would.

The second important part is that while this is happening, Smokey was left alone by Ben in the room where he killed Jacob. Depending on the chronological ordering ( In show playback time, Jacob appears to Hurley, then MIB/Smokey tells Ben to go get Richard, after which Ben and Richard have a talk/confrontation outside the statue with every one else, then Jacob tells Hurley what to do) this leaves MIB/Smokey to disappear for a while to trick Hugo into doing his will.

Some problems with this I admit are the fact that it depends on whether Ben goes outside before or after Hugo sees Jacob in island time. Also, most times that Smokey makes forms into someone/something else, that thing is wearing dark colors and black. Not the case with Flacob/Dead Jacob.

This all then begs the question, what the hell would Smokey need Sayid saved for. Maybe he was summoning some one else into his body? Those are answers I don’t have.

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7 thoughts on “Flacob aka Smokey aka MIB

  1. It has been bothering me as to how Jacob would know about the incident with Jin and the French team. Your theory would explain it. But I hope you’re wrong because one of my favorite things was that Hurley’s ability to see dead people actually made him useful. If your theory is right, anyone would have been able to see ‘Jacob’, making Hurley not as important.

    I guess then you have to ask the question, how does MIB know that Hurley sees dead people? Then again how does Jacob know that? I guess I just write all of this off as Jacob somehow being all-knowing.

  2. Yeah, I think for storyline reasons, my theory is likely wrong. Jacob being dead and not a huge part of the plot anymore would be weird. I TRULY think that was the real Jacob and he is now somehow connected with Sayid, but i was just throwing this out as a maybe. Who knows.

  3. What does it mean to be dead when you’ve been sitting on an island for eons, pondering on human nature? When you have cycled through time so often that you can play a metaphysical backgammon game with unknowing survivor contestants as pieces against a seemingly equally powerful opponent, how much can a few pokes from a pocketknife really do? I can’t help but believe that Jacob’s death is more of a metaphor for Ben’s choice than a corporeal fact. Well, to the losties, I suppose he’s dead. Hurley talks to him, so there… Clearly something larger than a “human” death is going on. I really don’t think that everyone’s going to be body-jumping all of a sudden, but who knows.

  4. I agree with u waycurious!! Sayid did die!!! I still believe smokey is different to MIB no matter what the producers ‘let slip’ what we have to remember is they dont want people to work out Lost before it finishes…I believe that somehow MIB was killed some time ago and his spirit is what was in the cabin. I believe Flocke is smokey doing his bidding for him. I believe that Jacob now also dead has a spirit wandering around his temple and just so happens to have a dead Sayid delivered to him. Sayid could never have been classed as one of the good guys because of all the evil things hes done so Jacob played him knowing that he would die but now needs a body to inhabit so it works out quite handy. I believe the note was initially to save Sayid maybe for a future task but Jacob took the healing power from the water so Sayid would just drown. Therefor leaving him free to take his body. I think that MIB also needs a body delivered to him in the cabin which I am afraid could be Ben. Am probably way off mark but I do believe that Sayid is Jacob. Good ideas there….uv got me thinking….I will also add my standing on this issue into my next post…..make sure you read it its going to be a long one with all my theorys hopefully tied together to reveal the story of Lost…..hopefully…..maybe…..probably not but im gonna give it ago lol

  5. This game that MIB and Jacob have been playing can be confusing. But I think that Jacob has known what MIB was up to for some time and he has been taking steps to counter MIB’s efforts. One of these tools that he has used are the time flashes. MIB has also used them to tell Locke that he was going to have to die to get the others back which wasnt true, but made it to where they brought back his dead body which MIB used as a vessel. Which was his ultimate plan. Now Jacob used these flashes to put some of the Losties in situations Jacob needed them to be in to gain knowledge they would need to aid his side in the future. The Bomb, Dharma, and Jin meeting the french team and finding out about the Temple. Jacob could see the flow of time as Eloise could at some point. He knew that when he put a plan into action, what the outcome would most likely be. Thats how he knew Jin knew where the Temple was, and he was meant to know, so he could guide the Losties to safety in case of a disaster.

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