John Locke Injured on Walkabout

Written 4th February

We already know that at least some of the losties’ pasts are different in the alternate timeline.  For example, Hurley considers himself lucky instead of cursed, Shannon isn’t on the plane, etc.  I think we will find that the losties are all on the plane for slightly different reasons than the first time around.

I don’t think John Locke is paralyzed because his father pushed him out of a window.  I think he did indeed go on his walkabout and was injured during it…perhaps from a fall.  When he told Boone about it, it felt like he was telling the truth to me.

I think Kate is in handcuffs for a completely different reason than before.  Maybe Sayid is looking for Nadia, not to find his love, but because he needs to apprehend her since she escaped.

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8 thoughts on “John Locke Injured on Walkabout

  1. I think that we’ll see the same outcome happen to each lostie even under different circumstances,(time course-correcting itself)the writers seem to be in the “fate is fate” type of mindset.

  2. I’d have to disagree. The way that Locke talked to Jack about his back and the fact that the damage was irreversable, it made him sound like he has been coming to terms with this injury for quite some time. Not to mention that if John had gone on the walkabout and been injured, you can bet that he’d have spent a heck of a lot longer time in Sydney recovering and going through physical therapy. Bottom line, I dont think John did the walkabout.

  3. that would be intresting. but on the offical podcast they did say locke was lying about going on a walkabout. then again it wasnt a Q&A, so they were likely answering the question as a observer.

  4. hey, maybe everyone is in role reversal, maybe Sawyer isn’t a conman but like a cop or something, Rose doesn’t have cancer, but then that would kind of suck because Faraday would’ve never been born, or Penny for that matter (poor Desmond (maybe that was why he was on the plane…his happy life post button pushing disappeared and he’s the only one that can remember and he is just popping in out of all of the other Losties’ lives at random moments, thinking this this isn’t how it’s should be) But I think the most significant things to try and find are not what the differences are but what the glaring omissions (ie Mr. Ecko, Ana Lucia,Libby etc. could really mean in the grand scheme of things (at least two out of three intially had huge story arcs before they got scrapped and this could be their way of resolving them, by saying they were never really meant to be there in the first place)). Just a thought. I forgot the point I was trying to make oh, well. Hopefully you catch my drift.

  5. I think that some of the Losties SEEM to be different (Rose, Hurley, Boone), but others are in the EXACT same spot they were on the first flight. Kate especially, in handcuffs, with the same marshall, who referred to her as “a murderer” when asked by the customs officer if he had anything to declare. And Locke was surely lying about the walkabout, and most certainly was in the wheelchair. He just didn’t want to talk about his condition. Jack obviously still is searching for his father, and has an overwhelming need to fix/cure/help others. Sayid looks quite happy and full of anticipation to see Nadia again–I doubt that he’s there to arrest her! And Sawyer–there’s no way he’s different! Did you see the way he looked at Kate when she got into the elevator?? And the way he spoke to the cops when he asked about the “trouble”?? He’s most definitely a con man.
    Perhaps the reason that some of them are different is that the island hasn’t yet “finished” with them–they haven’t been redeemed yet.

  6. @brokenankh42

    I don’t think Locke gave any indication of how long he was in Australia. He said his walkabout lasted 10 days. If I my theory was correct I would assume he was in Sydney recovering for quite some time, which would also explain why it seemed like he had come to terms with it.


    I agree that only some of them seem to be different. But if they are all different in some way, I don’t think they would show that in the first episode, but rather slowly expose the differences as the season progresses. They don’t all have to be personality-altering differences…Sawyer would still be Sawyer and Jack would still be Jack but they would be where they are for different reasons.

    I guess comment #2 by Chris63084 best sums up what I think, with Locke’s injury being one example of how one of the losties ended up in the same place but under a different set of circumstances because of course correction.

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