Juliette is Schrodinger’s cat – 2nd edition

Written 31st January

** Attention : Spoilers with references to the first episode of the season 6 **

There’s a lot of different views about how the alternate timelines could have been caused by the bomb. 3 months ago, I wrote a theory here called Juliette is Schrodinger’s cat: a unified theory of parallel timelines, course correcting and Locke/Flocke. In front of the recent progresses, the new footage shown by ABC, and a leak of the first episode on the Internet, I can confirm that I was right in my interpretation of how the parallel timelines were going to work. During the week, many people wrote about the possibility of parallel timelines and some linked the idea to the Schrodinger cat experiment, and that inspired me to propose that the act of triggering the bomb itself was a case of quantum uncertainity creating 2 timelines, 1 where the bomb explodes, 1 where the bomb does not explode. This is confirmed by the episode 1 of season 6 in which there are 2 alternate realities : 1 in which the plane lands safely at LAX, the other in which the losties are in ’77 and the bomb did not explode.

Whether or not the other predictions that I made following this theory remains to be determined, however the episode 1 of season 6 strongly supports the idea that the alternate timelines all relate to the bomb exploding / not exploding. My other major prediction was that the war that is coming relates to people wanting timeline 1 or timeline 2 to happen. I restate this prediction and I think that more and more information are backing it up.

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