MIB, Jacob, Ben, Sayid, and the Temple

Written 4th February

As we all know MIB has gone through a hell of a lot to find that loophole, manipulate Ben, and get him to kill Jacob.  The one thing I believe though is that Jacob was aware of his plan the entire time (and possibly Ben).  As Ben asked Jacob “What about me?” and he answered with the please stab me phrase “What about you?”.  It seems Jacob wanted it to happen. 

Now how could Ben kill such a powerful being like Jacob?  We all saw what happened when bullets were fired at MIB in Lockes body (they were bent on impact) so Im assuming the same properties apply to Jacob.  The reason Ben could kill Jacob is because he was healed in the temple.  The temple water is an extension of Jacob and as he heals Ben in it he is in a sense giving him a part of himself.  This now allows Ben to kill him.

Now I say that Jacob was aware of MIB’s plan the entire time because Jacob is the one who healed Ben.  When Widmore asks Richard Alpert why he should save Ben as a boy Alpert replies with something along the lines of “because Jacob wants me to”.  Jacob likely didnt do this directly but still ordered it to happen making him aware.

Moving onto Sayid being healed in the temple.  As he is brought in the spring water is a dark, murky color and through the Others reactions you can tell it is not normal.  This is the same type of dark water we see in the drain when Smokey is summoned by Ben earlier in season 5.  Now whats changed?  Well Jacob is dead.  The temple water has changed because now that Jacob is dead the MIB is in charge.  Whoever is in power at the island rules the temple.  So now when Sayid is healed he is healed in the temple water of MIB.  This will now give Sayid the ability to kill MIB much like the temple water when uses under the control of Jacob allowed Ben to kill Jacob.  Keeping in mind Sayid is a natural born killer it seems it his purpose to be the one to kill MIB out of the Losties.  MIB though in control of the temple in spirit is not physically inside the temple so would be unaware of Sayid being healed in it.

Jacob knew MIB would come to kill him.  That is why he thoroughly recruited Hurley to come to the island.  Jacob had met all the other Losties off the island but never really said more than a few words to them.  With Hurley he had an entire conversation telling him to embrace his ability to talk to the dead.  Hurley being there allows Jacob to still communicate with the Losties despite being dead.  He knew he would die and the temple water will change.  He knew Sayid would be healed there giving him the ability to kill MIB.  Remember the piece of paper from Jacob that the Others guy claims it says “if your friend dies then all of us our in a lot of trouble.” Now all Jacob has to do is further instruct the Losties on what to do.  Keep in mind MIB has no clue that one of the Losties can talk to dead people.

The only reasons I believe that Ben is aware of the entire plan is that

1)  Jacob needed to be assured he would be killed in order to fully destroy MIB.  Ben might have let Jacob live had he not known of the plan. 
2)  Ben is the master of deception.  He even says he is a professional liar as confirmed by countless lies he has told throughout the series.  Suddenly we should take all of his actions or emotions at face value?

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3 thoughts on “MIB, Jacob, Ben, Sayid, and the Temple

  1. LockeItUp, By far one of the best theories I’ve read pertaining to the events from the premiere.

    The reasoning behind why Jacob chose Ben as a means to allow Nemesis to kill him, I think is a valid one. I also like your thoughts on Sayid and why he is taken to the ‘Temple’.

    I like your theory and see it as quite plausible. This would also work if the writers decide to ‘flip the script’ on viewers. We are dealing with ‘black and white’ and our interpretation of what that means.

    I like the idea of Ben knowing much more, but am not certain that he does. If that is true, than the writers pulled another one over on us.

    Your theory is worthy of more attention and hope that other members will give it consideration.

    Very Nice Theory!

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys…unfortunately this theory got posted late on Friday when like 10 others went up so I dont think many have read it. Nice to know people agree with it.

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