Richard in Chains

I just wanted to say my two ideas on Flocke’s comment to Richard. Flocke tells Richard “it’s nice to see you out of those chains.” This could be interpreted literally as to mean that Richard was physically chained up at one point, like as a slave on the Black Rock. However I think that would be too obvious of a reveal for this show. I think it should be looked at more metaphorically as what Jacob was to Richard. Maybe Richard was indebted to Jacob for something in the past (like not aging) and for this he had to serve as the mediator between him and the island’s leader. Now that Jacob is dead, these imaginary chains that had bound Richard to Jacob have been broken.

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5 thoughts on “Richard in Chains

  1. It’s not a bad theory, but making Richard chained to Jacob’s service implies that Richard doesn’t enjoy being in Jacob’s employ. Moreover, Richard seems rather terrified of Flocke/SmokeMonster/MIB – if he were truly chained to Jacob, he might seem a little happier to the man who “freed” him. Instead, he’s terrified and gets beaten up.

  2. @brokenankh42, have you considered that Flocke made the comment solely based on how he sees Richard’s relationship to Jacob and not how Richard might feel about it? Perhaps Flocke/MIB is such a SOB that he couldn’t care less how Richard felt about his relationship to Jacob and/or Flocke/MIB is kind of ribbing Richard and telling him how he thinks he should feel about his relationship with Jacob…a bit of manipulative suggestiveness because that is just the kind of guy Flocke/MIB is.

  3. @AmILost – also a good way of looking at at! MIB is definitely the manipulative type. I guess Im hoping that the statement isn’t merely metaphor/sarcasm – I’m hoping that we’ll see some solid insight into the relationships between Richard/Jacob/MIB.

  4. @AmILost, I agree with what you said that it is Flocke’s manipulative nature coming through in imposing his own views on Richard and Jacob’s relationship. This fits well and maybe Flocke is even beginning to try to turn Richard to his side.

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