Smokie/MIB/Nemesis/whatever you want to call him

I’ve been reading quite a few posts about what smokie is and what he does/can do. From where I stand it seems that he is able to replicate other peoples bodies and that they possibly must be dead for him to do this. Or there is the possibility that he kills them because if you’re pretending to be someone else you wouldn’t want that person walking around now would you? This meshes well with the idea that he is a shapeshifter as some have said.
I read a post that was saying he can only be one thing at a time but I’m not so sure on this. What about Danielle Rousseau’s team? She said all of them had been infected. While it is possible that they were carried off, killed, and replicated one at a time, wouldn’t the other people on the team have noticed the difference and thought it strange? It seemed to me that she was the only one who noticed something different. Also, when they went to the hole in the ground by the temple wall, one man was dragged down and the other two went after him. I’m thinking the man dragged down was immediately killed and replicated. I mean, the monster had him and his arm was ripped off! Then the other two went down after him, this was when Rousseau noticed a change in them. Is it really possible that the monster silently killed one of them to replicate after seperating them when they went down at the same time? It seems highly unlikely to me. Which seems to leave the possibility that Smokie can be more than one thing at once.
Also it was noted that in the scene where Ben is to be “judged” by the monster Flocke leaves before Smokie appears, Smokie leaves before Alex appears, and Alex leaves before Flocke appears. But if any of them had appeared at the same time this would’ve caused two problems. One, the writers didn’t want to give away Flocke’s identity and two they didn’t want people to have confirmed the idea that Smokie and these replications of people are related in any way. Be it by being the same things or on the same teams. What if Alex and Smokie were there at the same time and she was totally chill about it? Or what if Flocke walked in right in the middle of Alex and Ben or Smokie and Ben’s confrontations? How would they handle that?
The only thing that makes me a bit unsure of myself on this is when Flocke dissapears before possibly transforming into Smokie to kill Iliana’s team and then Flocke reappears when Smokie is gone. I’m not sure of what to do with that…

And random side note, why if Flocke bulletproof? Jacob sure wasn’t knife proof.

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I actually didn't start watching Lost until they were in Season 5. My brother-in-law and in-laws had kept up and were telling my husband and I to watch it. So we watched them starting in Season 1 on , sometimes rented or Netflixed them. We finally caught up just in time for this final season and have loved it.

9 thoughts on “Smokie/MIB/Nemesis/whatever you want to call him

  1. Another thing that I think is odd is that Ben sees his dead mother on the island. Is she another form that Smokie has taken on to manipulate him? If so, how? Didn’t she die off of the island? How would Smokie know what she looks like? The only possible answers I can think of: 1) Smokie has somehow time traveled off island and sees Ben’s mom or 2) They show that Ben has a picture of his mom in is room right before showing his “mom” outside. Is just a piccture enough?

  2. I’m just going to throw this out there – there has been a lot of emphasis placed on pictures in this show. I agree with you monicakwarner – I think it is possible for the Smoke Monster to take the form of dead people so long as he knows what that dead person looks like. I am fairly sure that Ben or Roger had a picture of Emily sitting around the house. In fact, you may have to check this for me, but I thought young Ben was looking at a picture of his mother when suddenly she appears at the window. Again, I could be wrong, but if I’m right, that would be awesome.

  3. I’m pretty sure you are right on that one. I haven’t had a chance to rewatch the episode but I’m at least 90% sure that Ben was looking at that picture in the same scene that she appeared.
    Another idea that my hubby just came up with as we discussed this: What about Locke’s dad? He suddenly appeared on the island a while ago. What was that about? Possible solutions:Maybe he died in the real world and was just a replication. Problem with that: Sawyer killed him and Flocke was bullet proof. Possible solution: Rousseau’s team wasn’t bulletproof. Maybe this bulletproof thing only took effect after Jacob’s death. I’m literally writing as we are discussing so please pardon any confusion lol 🙂

  4. In terms of Locke’s dad showing up on the Island – Im gonna take a wild stab in the dark and make a guessture as to what the “box” is that Ben says his dad came out of. I believe it is the time travel device used in the Orchid station. I believe ben used that to bring some version of Locke’s dad to the island.
    In terms of the bulletproof thing – yeah, I dont know.

  5. Just on a side note MIB knew what Locke was thinking at the moment he died OFF the island, so can he travel off the island as well? Or is it just that he is inside peoples thoughts??

  6. I think it’s more the fact that the Smoke Monster has the ability to know people’s thoughts (alive and dead) who are on the Island. Don’t forget, he tells Ben that he chose Locke because Locke was the only man who didn’t want to leave the Island. This leads me to believe that when the Smoke Monster encountered John in the jungle way back in the first season.. he read John’s mind/soul.

  7. The “box” being the time machine thing in the Orchid sounds prety good to me. It does make sense. But I wonder why Ben would bring Locke’s dad to the island. Did Jacob tell him to? It just seems really strange.
    And it seems to be a somewhat sure thing that Smokie can read minds (although I haven’t seen anything 100% solid. I wouldn’t really be surprised if it’s not true) but can he read the minds of dead people? I guess if he’s possessing bodies it might make sense but what if he’s just replicating them like I said before and which seems to make more sense to me at the moment. Or maybe he can know what someone’s last thought it…kind of like Miles does…

  8. Hubby brought up a good point about the “box”. When Ben brings Locke down to the Orchid Locke says “Is this the majical box thing you were talking about?” And Ben says “No, John, it was a metaphor!” So either the box really is just a metaphor (which is really weird and doesn’t explain how Locke’s dad got there) or Ben is lying through his teeth like he has done in many occasions before. I can’t decide on which I like more…

  9. But what about Ben’s daughter? We saw her die on the island. And something I just remembered, what about Walt? When Ben shot Locke and he fell into the pit of all of the people killed during the Purge, Locke sees Walt on the edge of the pit. Walt tells Locke to get up because he still has things to do. Walt was also the reason Shannon was killed. It seemed to me like those weren’t the real Walt.

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