The Backwards Reality

what if the alternate time line lets call it ‘LA X’ is what the outcome will be if the war that is ‘coming’ isnt won by the right side. that is why the island is underwater and why the things that we have seen thus far are backwards, i.e Jacks one vodka bottle, Shannon not being on the plane, Desmond appearing on the plane, Charlie trying to commit suicide, Hurley believing he is the luckiest guy in the world opposed to the unluckiest,  Rose not being the nervous flyer (while jack is) and Locke actually going on the walkabout (if there is anything else please tell me) i came across this thought whilst looking at a comment on another page but before i had a chance to finish reading it had this brain tinge and had to write this down before i lost my point so please add your input to this theory.

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One thought on “The Backwards Reality

  1. Destinycalls, I dont think we can automatically assume that Locke actually went on the walkabout. He told Boone that that’s what he did – but, we see that John is still in a wheelchair. I dont think everything in the new 2004 timeline has changed.
    If you’re interested in the differences in the new 2004 timeline, check out my post “Minor Differences, Major Implications.”

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