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Ok, here goes (starting from the current season):

When the H-bomb went off, it allowed for the pocket of energy to expand not only to the island, but to the entire world

what that did was split the world into 2 realities

in the island reality, they are all doomed. everything is proceeding as normal

in the other reality where their plane never crashes, there is no island because that reality was sent into the distant future where there is no jacob to control them and the island is burried underwater.

the whole point of the island is the fountain of youth

where they tried to heal sayid

the two protectors of the island: jacob and his friend were sent to the island to protect the fountain of youth from corrupting people

they were first sent to egyptian times

their main goal is to keep it safe and not let it fall into the wrong hands because it could mean the end of humanity

so the egyptians built a temple

over time jacob brought others to the island to keep it safe

but it always ended in tragedy

richard is one who drank from the fountain

that is why he never gets old

over time jacob’s friend got tired of living on the island attempting to protect the human race which he believed was beyond saving. eventually he just gave up and wanted to get off the island.

his way off the island is through locke

jacob, now, to protect the island has taken over the body of sayid

i think that it will end with everyone in the island reality dying, but at the same time showing us that the “real world” reality was saved through their death and the chain of events that started w/Oceanic 815 crashing on the island.

yeah, thats the theory

now, whether jacob and his friend are angels sent to protect the island or humans from the future who know of our destruction is another matter

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