Cannibal Corpse Airlines

While I can’t argue that there has been a dearth of dead losties appearing at appropriate moments throughout the show, I also can’t help but assume that there is a huge significance to the fact that Evil Locke only came into existence after the arrival of the real Locke’s corpse on the island. We know that Christian also arrived in this manner; who was inhabiting his form? Evidence seems to point to Jacob, but the ever-more-evident deviousness of the Nemesis leaves much up in the air. Also, let’s not forget Yemi; clearly, his afterlife incarnation was the MIB. So we have at least three corpses (upon arrival on the island) who are used to create useful doppelgangers (useful in the sense that they can do things other than talk to people). Actually, now that I think on it, Fake Christian doesn’t do much more than make motivational speeches and act spooky. Given that Fake Locke and Yemi kicked some ass, I’m led to believe that the latter were the MIB and the former Jacob. Should we then assume that part of the loophole is using a corpse that necessarily died off the island? Plenty of people died on the island- why not use one of them in the scheme? The only other connection with Locke being more important is the fact that Jacob apparently healed him after that ill-fated base jumping attempt. Perhaps this is crucial in making Locke of paramount importance. Perhaps the only significance lies in the recreation of the original circumstances of the losties’ arrival and the return of those who left.

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