Exercise Bike from Swan Hatch

When Desmond turns the fail-safe key and destroys the hatch, he ends up in the middle of the jungle after having some flashes as seen in the season 3 episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.  On the ground nearby is a beat-up exercise bike, which apparently was once inside the hatch and was blown out into the jungle when the hatch was destroyed.  In the season 6 premiere, Sawyer has to dig through rubble to try to get to Juliet.  He passes an exercise bike on the way down.

If the hatch is supposed to be just the way it was left after Desmond turned the fail-safe key, then why is the exercise bike amongst the rubble instead of in the middle of the jungle?  Do you think this has any significance, or do you think there were two exercise bikes, or this was just a mistake?

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6 thoughts on “Exercise Bike from Swan Hatch

  1. yeah is see what you meen abou the bike, its probably just a massive continuity error, but also the hatch looks different to the way it did in 2004 to 2007. if you watch the 3rd episode in on season 3 (cant remember what its called) Desmond and Hurley go there and Desmond notes that it looks ‘imploded’ the hatch seems deeper and with more grass and less ruble in 2004. watch it again and you’ll see what i meen.

  2. This has to be significant in some way. Think about the way sawyer picked up the bike and threw it away. The directors were cleary pointing out where it is. This is a brilliant find and it points to the actual difference in the two timelines. There is now way in hell this is a coincidence, a bright red bike getting screentime in both episodes.

  3. @DestinyCalls

    Until I go back and watch it, I will take your word for it that the hatch looks different than after it blew up in 2004. If so, I would just consider the whole thing a continuity error because Kate, Sawyer and company certainly seems to think it looks just the way it did when they left it after Desmond blew it up. If it was actually supposed to look different, then they probably would have noticed the difference. Did Kate and Sawyer see it in 2004? Maybe they are just assuming that’s what it looked like.

    I didn’t notice the exercise bike the first time I watched the season 6 premiere. Then I happened to go back and watch “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and I thought it was odd that they kept the camera on the exercise bike for so long, but I figured it was just to show the magnitude of the explosion. Then when I watched the season 6 premiere a second time, someone else pointed out the exercise bike and I thought what is that doing there? It’s odd that it got so much screen time on multiple occasions, but I also feel what lollshannon says about it being a “shout out”, so that could explain it.

  4. @ TawaretsAnkh

    What other things are evidence that things are different in the island timeline, not just the alternate LAX landing timeline? They seem to think the hatch is the way they left it after Desmond blew it up.

  5. I noticed this! I saw this and thought, hmm… why did they do this? It is possible that it was just an error. Although, I think it’s intentional. The bike seems to have recieved screen time the first time around, zooming into the bike almost. And in the premiere, Sawyer actually touches the bike, pointing attention to it.

    It could be, that this is showing us that this wasn’t due to Desmond’s fail safe key OR Juliet’s bomb, but something completely different.

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