Another Loophole Theory

I looked all over the site but didnt see another theory like this.

Jacob and Flocke cant kill each other. Apparently normal people cant kill them either. Flocke was shot but the bullet did nothing, the guy picked it up. However Ben was able to kill Jacob and Jacob says Sayid is important because he can kill Flocke. The only things those two have in common is the fact they have both been saved in “the fountain of youth”.

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12 thoughts on “Another Loophole Theory

  1. My thought on the importance of Sayid not dying wasnt really sayid being important as an inidivdual but more the group of losties being important, in my opinion and dont worry my opinion on lost changes everytime i open a new search page, is that if it were jack lying there of hurley or sawyer Jacob would have needed them back at the temple as well. I think for some reason they all have an important role.

  2. Dont get me wrong everyone is important, but I am willing to put money down that Sayid is the one who will physically stop Flocke, and most likely kill him. Maybe they didnt try it before because Jacob had no desire to kill Focke. Also, they others at the temple did say there were risks, it doesnt seem like people are just bathing in the fountain all willy nilly.

  3. @Moni
    To be honest with you, I’m not totally sure..Both Jacob and MIB believe “it only ends once.” Jacob believes “before that, it’s all progress.” So it could be fate vs. freewill disagreement between them; meaning that, Jacob believes it’s best to allow mankind to operate in freewill even though there is an ultimate ending, but MIB believes mankind is so corrupt that they will cause the ending. I just believe that, Jacob wants MIB alive to witness the progress. I know I’m probably not being clear, I’m not totally understanding myself..

  4. Im not sure about this, but have been pondering it myself.

    Im starting to think that when he is in a body, he cant really be hurt, cause he isnt in his own form. Maybe not totally corporeal, although he is able to touch things.

    Then again, it might make sense that the one that has to kill his is the one that is the born killer. Wuld be a weird champion for the side of good, but hey.

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