“Jin Knows.”

Kind of a silly question (or kind of not), but it’s stuck in my mind.

How did Jacob know about Jin knowing where the Temple was? Unless he knows what everything happened on the island and read everyones thoughts and minds. Hm, that sounds kind of like the smoke monster..

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I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I haven't watched Lost until the summer of 2009. I watched all four seasons within a few days, now I'm starting to again recently, in addition to season five! woot! :P

6 thoughts on ““Jin Knows.”

  1. Yeah I wondered the same thing when I was thinking over the episode & thought he may have just observed it I guess or he actually took part directly but I dont think it will be relevant unless Jacob is evil somehow but doubt it, good question.

  2. He knows about Jin for the same reason that he knew where Kate would be when she was a little girl, for the same reason that he knew about James’ parents and that he would be at the funeral, for the same reason he knew where and when Sun and Jin would be getting married, for the same reason he knew where and when John would fall out of a window. Jacob is Omniscient.

  3. I think Jacob knows a lot. Maybe it has something to do w/ his touch… He touched Jin before he arrived on the island. Maybe w/ the touch he can track someone.

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