Sawyer on the plane?

I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but no one has really talked about Sawyer in the alternate timeline. His whole point was to go down to Australia to kill the original Sawyer, which turned out not to be. Thus, he was pretty miserable on the original flight. In the ALT, he seems to be rather pleased with himself. Did he actually do the killing? Was he there for other issues? Did his parents’ murder-suicide even happen?


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4 thoughts on “Sawyer on the plane?

  1. Well obviously things have changed with some of them… You could say things have changed with Sawyer as well…. Maybe he wasn’t even in austrailia to kill anyone this tine around

  2. i agree sawyer is different but not sure in what way, he tells hurley not to mention winnin the lottery to people, we’re lead to believe he will try to con hurley by the way he looks at him leavin the plane.on another note, he knows kate is in handcuffs since the flight but in a way, he helps her escape by lettin her out of the lift before the security guys….

  3. I believe that all of their pasts are different in this timeline, so I doesn’t surprise me that he’s coming back from Sydney in a different mood. What’s interesting is that if the murder-suicide didn’t happen, he probably doesn’t even go by the name Sawyer.

  4. Maybe Sawyer will bribe Kate, who he didn’t turn in, to help him scam Hugo. Sawyer always seems to use a girl to do his bidding. Plus since Kate stole Jacks Pen, we know she has thievery in her. If Jacob had never told Kate as a young girl not to steal anymore, maybe thats her weakness. WHAT IF SAWYER AND KATE KNOW EACH OTHER ALREADY?

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