Smokey & The Cabin

I apologise if this thought has already been posted. I haven’t been to the site since LA X and there’s quite a few theories to go through. If this has already been posted please let me know and give me the links to the theories so I can take a look. Thanks.

So, one of the many mysteries of Lost is Who was in the cabin and was the ash protecting something or trapping something.

Think of Smokey and Flocke as the body and soul of an entity. Smokey is the body, and Flocke is the soul.

At some point before 2004 this entity was split into 2, the body and soul, to stop it from finding its Loophole and killing Jacob.

The body was left to roam the island (Smokey), and the soul was trapped in the cabin surrounded by the ash to stop the Body and Soul from re-integrating and becoming one again.

His soul is invisible, yet to his Loophole he can be heard. This is why Locke heard it say “Help Me” when he went to the cabin with Ben.

When the ash was broken it allowed his body and soul to come together and start the manipulation of his Loophole.

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12 thoughts on “Smokey & The Cabin

  1. I like this theory. This to me is the best theory I have read on this site explaining the whole cabin issue.

    The only thing that has been puzzling me is that I watched an interview with the writers and they say that Locke is the “smoke monster” and not MIB, like they are two separate things? Not like what most people believe on this site.

    its at 1:40 if you want to take a look.

  2. Yeah, the smoke monster and MIB need not be the same person. It is obvious now that Locke is the smoke monster; it’s not obvious that the smoke monster is MIB.

  3. Guys, I dont get how most people dont seem to already get that MIB is the New Locke, and it’s also the same as the Smoke Monster…it’s mearely transitivity logic:

    MIB is talking with Jacob on the incident, telling him how much he wants to kill him, and that he fill eventually find a loophole—> Locke dies, adn when his body arrives to the island the smoke monster incarnates his body to become the New Locke —-> On LA X of season 6 Jacob’s bodyguards try to shoot New Locke but he truns into the Smoke Monster and kills everyonw of them (except Ben, of course, he needs to use him even further…). So, in short:

    1. MIB is the nemesis of Jacob —> 2. He incarnates into Locke —> 3. The New Locke is the Smoke Monster —-> 4. They are all the same: New Locke Smoke Monster MIB

    Watch lost again from season 1….every time a strange thing apreas like dead people mostely….just before it the smoke mosnter’s sound sounds….it can take the form of anything dead aparently, and living maybe….

  4. Lol, great theory. I actually commented on another theory about the possibility of MIB’s spirit being locked away from his physical form in the cabin.

  5. I don’t see how they can’t all be classified as the same entity either,

    MIB – “One of these days, sooner or later, I’m going to find a loophole my friend.”

    Jacob – “And when you do, I’ll be right here.”

    In LA X
    Jacob (to Fake Locke) “I see you found your loophole.”

    We then see this same “person” say to Ben, “I’m sorry you had to see me like that”…..

    How could they not all 3 be the same?

  6. OK I totally Agree with Mamey,
    The conversation between Jacob & MIB on the beach & the conversation Evil Locke(MIB) has with Jacob while inside the Statue just picks up where it left off.

    I think its obvious that Evil Locke is smokie as well because of what happened to the bullet after Evil Locke is shot by Bram & the fact that he disappears & Smokie appears is kind of a give away & the fact he tells Ben “sorry you had to see me like that” is the smoking gun.

  7. Where in my theory do I claim that MIB and Flocke aren’t the same and that they aren’t Smokey?

    Somewhere between the time when MIB and Jacob had their little conversation on the beach and 2004, MIB’s Body (Smokey) and Soul were separated. His Body was left to roam the island and his soul was trapped in the cabin.

    When they’re back together he is still able to turn himself into Smokey and back again to his soul (which is now shaped as John Locke).

    It’s only when they’re together that they can kill Jacob and only when they’ve found their loophole. I believe John was chosen because Jacob had touched him and brought him back to life.

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