That Damn Cabin – review & discuss (thoughts please!)

As far as all of mysteries on LOST are concerned, The Cabin definitely strikes me as a significant part of the story, one which we have probably been given the least bit of information on.

Lets start out by stating what we actually know about The Cabin –

1. A ring of ash surrounds it (safe to assume this is the same ash used to block the smoke monster).
2. It has the ability to change its location (the ash remains in the original spot)
3. Someone ‘else’ has been using it (according to Ilana)
4. Christian,Claire and a mysterious figure have all been seen inside

Seems to me that everything we know about The Cabin is really just another question

1. Did the ash around The Cabin keep the MIB in or out?
2. Did The Cabin move because the ash line broke? Seems to make sense considering when Locke went back he found the ash circle but no cabin! But why did it move? When Ilana went back why was The Cabin in its original spot surrounded by the ash if the line was broken?
3. Did Jacob ever really live in the Cabin? Who did Ilana mean when she said ‘he’ is not here ‘some one else’ has been using it. Who left the knife and statue picture on the wall?
4. ‘Using it’ for what? Why burn it down if it has been abandoned?

A HUGE question for me is how/what does Ben know about The Cabin? He has never met Jacob and has no idea what or who MIB is – so what has he been told. When Ben told Richard in season3 that he was taking John Locke to ‘the cabin’ to see Jacob, what did Richard think he was doing? If breaking the ash line is so dangerous, shouldn’t ignorant Ben be kept away!

We have 4 significant visits to the ‘The Cabin’ – each visit tells a different more confusing story!

1. Ben & Locke go in, Locke notices the ash, Ben notably steps over it! Ben puts on a show for Locke to pretend he knows Jacob, but they are both suprised by the mysterious figure. I really have no clue what/who this could be other then the ghost of MIB. Shown here –

2. Hurley stumbles upon The Cabin and takes a gander inside, only to see something very confusing. Christian Shephard is sitting in the rocking chair and then a mysterious eye pops up which scares the crap out of him. Shown here –×771.jpg

In my opinion (and what is compared in that picture^) That is the eye of John Locke.

Hurley is very scared and sort of tumbles/runs away. I think Hurley is responsible for breaking the ash ring for a number of reasons

– He fails to notice the ash ring on his way up to the cabin.
– His tumble/fall/crawl away from The Cabin was a horrible exit strategy, definitely would disrupt the ring of ash
– Immediately after Hurley runs away, The Cabin moves and is now infront of him.
– When Locke tries to find it again, The Cabin is gone but the ash ring is still in place.

3. Locke goes in alone to find Christian and Claire. Claire is obviously not herself and apparently Christian can speak on behalf of Jacob. Hmmmm?

4. Ilana finds the cabin in its original spot (where Ben knew too look, where the ash surrounds it). She finds a message on the wall, a picture of the statue and she knows where to go next. Who put that picture of the statue up for her?

She says “HE is not here, SOME ONE ELSE has been using it”

Who is he? Who is some one else? Who left the message?


I need an episode with a cabin flashback, I want to see everything that has ever gone down with that cabin!

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4 thoughts on “That Damn Cabin – review & discuss (thoughts please!)

  1. Hahahaha,

    The cabin is of some interest to me as well Josh but I think your a lil obsessed with this damned cabin, You raised some good questions though.

    I believe that at one point Jacob used the cabin for himself, I dont know if thats before or after the Ash was put around the cabin. Why do you think Llana & Jacobs guardian’s go to the cabin first to most likely meet up with Jacob? An how did they know where to go, hmmm???

    I thought Hurley is the reason the Ash circle was broken & that is how it moves but when I was looking on lostpedia I found out that when Hurley first seen the cabin it seemed to have moved from when John first went with Ben.

    A way of knowing that would be when John is taking the group to the Cabin (Not with just Hurley & Ben) Hurley thinks they might be going the wrong way & John only knew one way there but doesnt find it, he does find the circle ring but no cabin.

    So maybe Hurley didnt break the ash circle after all, if it moved before he even walked up to it is the proof but what if John or Ben did while rushing out the cabin the first time?

    That would explain why it is able to move so Hurley finds it but that really isnt that relevant who broke the ash.

  2. I feel that the only person that could of left that message for Llana or whoever else would have to be someone close to Jacob to be able to know of his location & being able to get a piece of Jacob’s Tapestry (The Statue Of Tawaret) & the knife used to pin up the cut piece of Jacob’s tapestry is the same knife Jacob used to fillet a fish in the the beginning of “The Incident” episode.

    I am now sure that Jacob had to leave his knife & his cut piece of Tapestry at some point in time, IDK when but it had to be Jacob because Richard knew where Jacob was & he seemed kind of confused & unaware of Llana being there at all so why would Richard leave a clue? Unless Richard did it under order of Jacob.

    Ill help you try & figure this out Josh, maybe a question at a time but its something.

  3. I am definitley obsessed with the cabin, probably more than any other facet of the show.

    IMO it has been one of those things like the smoke monster & the statue that was introduced as a mystery early on.

    We have been given more information about the smoke monster and statue everytime we see it, but the cabin is just more questions.

    Thanks for your input BiNG, always appreciated!

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