He must bring balance to the force

Alright, this might sound a little far-fetched, silly, way out there – but it’s kind of like a little light went on inside my head. This is for some hardcore Star Wars fans – and don’t worry, it does link up to LOST.

So, I have been rewatching the Star Wars Trilogies this past week, and something struck me that hadn’t before. I never truly understand the “Prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the force” because I never really understood what ‘bringing balance to the force’ really meant.
What I realised is that the Jedi order has slowly been losing their powers and abilities to use the force because of the increasing prescence of the Sith. The Sith eventually gain enough power to overthrow the Jedi order – which leads to the purge at the Jedi temple.
Now, it was believed that Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one to bring balance. And although young Skywalker actually is responsible for the death of many Jedi, in the end he is also responsible for helping the Jedi return. He kills Sidious and his son becomes the newest Jedi knight, able to teach others the ways of the force. He brings balance insofar as the Jedi will now be able to have their full abilities to use the force once again.

Now, bringing this all back to LOST. I’m not saying there is a force or anything, but, there is a struggle between to sides to have control of the Island – Jacob and MIB. Consider the fact that MIB’s power has been growing, and he has now found his loophole which allows him to finally kill Jacob. The balance of power has been altered.
So, there must be one who brings balance to this power struggle. I nominate 2 possible contenders: Walt, whose abilities scare the crap out of me, and Aaron who was only supposed to be raised by Claire and no one else. Perhaps one of these two boys is the chosen one, meant to come back to the Island and restore the balance of power. I’d like to side more with Aaron (although, I’m open to suggestions as to why Walt is the chosen one). Remember in season 5 when Claire appears to Kate (most possibly as the Smoke Monster or the MIB) and tells Kate to never bring Aaron back. This might be because the MIB knows that this child is the key to his destruction – so he makes sure that he cannot come to the Island.

That’s pretty much my theory. Hurley’s reference to Star Wars in season 5 also helps connect the meaning of one story (Star Wars) to this particular story – so it may not be a total coincidence that it gets thrown in there.

Anyways, thoughts? Comments?

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6 thoughts on “He must bring balance to the force

  1. Very interesting theory! I like it! I have also always felt that Walt and Aaron will some how be very important in this story. I wonder if one will represent Jacob and the other will represent MIB. That would be really interesting if they became rivals.

  2. I agree that Aaron will ultimately be the leader of the island, after the “war” that Widmore alluded to. My theory is that all of the Losties who were on Jacob’s list, who received Jacob’s touch, are descendants of the original inhabitants of the island, a very long time ago. They are needed to come to the island to restore that balance of power you speak of. And I maintain that the Shepherd bloodline is extremely important, both in the past and present. Jack’s tattoos, “He walks among us, but is not one of us,” tells us that he is not of the outside world, but a part of the island’s past. His tattoo also proclaimed him a leader, he is of the ancient race that ruled the island, and who now has to lead the fight against the dark force (Smokey/MIB) in the war. He has been tested throughout the five seasons to be ready for the fight that is to come, mostly by the ghost of his father. Season 1 showed us his father goading him as a child, then we were shown how his father pushed him professionally as a doctor, all done to toughen him up to be able to lead his people in the coming war. Sadly, I think that Jack will perish in this final season, and pass the torch of leadership to his nephew, Aaron.

  3. i like this point alot and im also an avid star wars fan. I think we could see a slight variaton on this and have Walt and Aaron both be important as we know light and dark play an important role in this show so could Aarron be the key for Jacob and the “light” side and Walt be the key for Flocke and the “dark” side

  4. m-Locke37, I’d throw a wrench into the works and suggest that Walt may be the side of “light” and Aaron, the side of “dark” – I know this contradicts my initial argument that the MIB was trying to keep Aaron away from the Island, but with Claire being ‘infected’ we can’t help but wonder if Aaron is too. Perhaps Claire did not want Aaron to come back to the Island because, being infected, she knows he will be used for ‘dark’ purposes. This is her way of making sure that no one else raises him.. such as the MIB.

  5. I do see where your coming from but when are you saying Aaron was infected? i thought Clarie was infected when she just ran off i dont get when Aaron was infected

  6. Dont you remember back in the first season, Roussea tells Claire that her baby is infected. I think Claire and the baby were infected way back in Season one!

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