Reminder about Spoilers

Hey guys and gals!

Just a friendly reminder about the use of spoilers on this site.

Please try to keep in mind when posting theories/questions etc. that not everyone reads info about upcoming episodes regarding appearences and plot.

I understand that info about the upcoming episode is probably easily accessed by TV guides and what not, but not everyone reads them simply because they don’t want to take away the surprise element of the episode.

So please try not to include any of this info in any future posts. It’d be greatly appreciated.


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One thought on “Reminder about Spoilers

  1. Hi, I’m kind of new to the site. and this isn’t about spoilers but I wasn’t sure how to contact you otherwise. I really like the site and I think I have some great ideas on Lost (Record Theory). Anyway, Why do my posts not go up when I post them? I click the boxes down below that determins what posting they go to but its always a few days before i ever see it. And by then, I may be on a totally different path.

    I Think someone told me you are in the UK and you cant watch till Friday but I see alot of people posting right after it airs in the US. Not sure if i’m doing anything wrong. Thanks for this site, it’s great.

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