Dead Man ‘Flashing’…and A Little Push…

Many have read Dabs theory on Desmonds importance in regards to conscience flashing. It is the definition of what I think is happening with the situation with Desmond on the plane.
Here is the link if you missed it. It is a must before understanding this theory.

In the comments, I answer the call of how Desmond “flashed” back into the past and created an alternate timeline by simply having the bartender duck rather than get hit in the head with a cricket bat, as he saw the “first time around”. By doing so he is struck by the bat himself, and upon flashing back to the island…he remembers being hit.
He proceeds to be able to seemingly see into the future, and save Charlie from being killed, long enough for him to eventually take out the looking glass.

Now, we know Des has some special capabilities, such as remembering things from the past when they are told in the same manner that he told the bartended to duck. I believe he was not told by Dan the first iteration, but is told when Dan goes back to the past as we saw, therefor remembering it as a memory.

Dan created the change this time, but it was still Desmond as the “host”, the subject.

We see Des ask Jack “What if you did fix her?” in the stadium regarding Sarah. It was Desmond giving Jack a hint, “a little push” towards understanding.

I believe, as Dabs does, that it was the very same on the plane in the premier.

But if that is the case, how could he physically flash on the plane and be seen by Jack for another push…?

Maybe the same way that Charlie, Eko, and Jacob were seen by Hurley…
Maybe the possible way that Claire was seen by Kate, or Christian by Jack…

Because they are dead…

This is an idea that is new to me, and I have not gone over all of the possible holes…Im sure many will help on that problem…but that is a necessary part to solidifying a theory.

I am not sure in what manner Des would have died, but it makes sense to believe that it is possible considering the other people who have ‘appeared’ off island…then disappeared just as quickly.

Whether a messenger, a ghost, an angel…or just someone caught in a bad paradoxal/alternate timeline situation, I believe it is possible, that we are seeing the result of the what happened to the very special Desmond Hume after his very own death…

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

34 thoughts on “Dead Man ‘Flashing’…and A Little Push…

  1. AES:

    I agree with your idea that the first iteration Faraday did not tell Des to go find his Mother, but there are some other times when I disagree with that too. See, I tend to try and make a sense to the whole space/time continuity thing, to try and understand in which way the train of thoughts I’m having will have the best consistence so to speak.

    Therefore, I have to bring Charlotte up for this:

    On season 5, just before she dies, she starts to coincious time travel (if one deduces it smartly enough). She even starts to remmeber things that she didn’t the first time around. She then remembers when a man just like Faraday told her in her early days on the island, that she would die if she returned to the island.

    If you also recall, when Faraday and the freighter team arrives to the island on season 4, the start to play cards to try and excercise memory. Faraday then starts to worry upon some failure (which clearly makes us deduce that he should have remembered, but he didn’t because od something).

    I bealive that this same thing could have happened to Des. His memory switched to ON when it was supposed to, when the island decided to, etc. You could argue on why for centuries.

    So, in short, I also concider the possibility that even for Des and Charlotte, the past had already happened the way it allegedly will happen for the losties who were time traveling on the island.

    But, maybe it did not happen the first iteration. It was just my thoughts of this, that I see both sides of the coin as highly likely.

  2. Hi AES, I would first like to clear up any misconceptions regarding ‘iterations’. Where is there any proof of ‘iterations’. What we are seeing and has been verified by the writers is referred to as Sideways Time Travel.

    We are viewing what would have happened, if flight #815 would not have crashed in 2004 on ‘the island’, while we are continuing to watch what is occurring to the characters in the timeline after ‘the incident’ occurred.

    We do not have any confirmation that ‘the incident’ occurred. We only have Juliette’s dying words, in which Miles relays the words “it worked” to Sawyer. That would be a logical assumption to make, but give we are speaking about Lost, one should not make such literal assumptions.

    What is known fact from the story is that Desmond is, special and the same rules about ‘time’ do not apply to him. He is the ONLY character on Lost with these abilities. He is the ONLY character on Lost who can affect ‘change’ as demonstrated with Charlie and his death in the Looking Glass.

    Desmond’s flashing abilities enabled him to facilitate the ‘when and how’ of Charlie’s death to have greater meaning and serve the best interest of ‘the group’.

  3. Hi AES, onto your theory about Desmond and his ‘conscious’ flashes. I absolutely agree with this theory about Desmond’s unique abilities.

    I have stated previously that I believe that Desmond will eventually act as an ‘awakener’ of the other characters ‘conscious’ minds, in the same way he appeared to Jack on the plane. (I do not believe Desmond was physically on the plane).

    I also believe that Desmond will be of great assistance to the characters to guide them in a similar manner as he did with Charlie.

    In last nights episode we see Claire out of the middle of nowhere, suddenly speak the name of ‘Aaron’. She tells Kate she didn’t know what made her say this. In turn, the expression of recognition of the name Aaron on Kate’s face was very noticeable. As if it alerted her ‘conscious’ mind.

    This is exactly what I see as happening. The characters and their ‘conscious’ minds are being awakened. Eventually, they may need the assistance of a uniquely special character. That character is Desmond, and I believe he will help them find resolve.

    You throw in a very interesting statement about Desmond being dead. This is something that I have been considering, but haven’t fully figured out the ramifications of such.

    What I will add is, that I think ‘death’ on Lost is a very relative term, and may hold much greater significance than we once thought.

    I always appreciate your thought process and how you bring something new and refreshing to the table for us to consider.

    Good Work!

  4. Dabsi, it was your theory on him ‘flashing’ that got me thinking on this.

    I was sure that is what was happening, and your talk about how special reminded me of the first flashes we see him make.

    My thought on his death comes from that, the other characters, and something we talk about from time to time…sacrifice.

    I believe Des flashed to the plane…I believe he is more special than any other character, and I believe that it is possible, that death on Lost may give someone such an ability.

    Course correction, redemption, its seems a way to right your wrongs possibly…just have to wait and see.

    Again, thank you for your words…they are quite inspiring, and very insightful Dabsi.

  5. Hi AES, you bring up something very important which is WHY is Desmond unique and what makes him different to the other characters.

    This is something which I am currently entertaining in my own mind, and have a few thoughts on.

    I suppose one could say that Desmond’s abilities were brought on by the exposure to being in the Swan Station and so close to the proximity of the electromagnetism on ‘the island’. That would be one consideration.

    However, we then have to look at WHY Desmond was chosen by Charles Widmore and Ms. Hawking in the first place. Do they know something about Desmond that the rest of us are not privy to? Or, is it for the reasons you have mentioned. Is Desmond actually dead?

    These are considerations that I am currently attempting to address.

    As mentioned, I fully appreciate ‘original thought’, and this is what I have come to expect from you in your theories.

    Thanks for making me realize that I wasn’t the only person who was having similar thoughts about Desmond.

  6. Mamey… Charlottes “conscience travel” is not the same as we have seen with Des at all.

    When she died, she traveled the way Des does…sort of.
    But she does not carry the ability, or the know how to cause ‘change’ or for that matter control where she goes.

    She is on the island, and travels back to that timeperiod because she remembers Daniel from being a child, but quite possibly ‘sideways flashing’ in the same manner.

    The ‘switch’ that you speak of in not switched in a manner like that from my point of view.

    I believe that change from sideways travelling causes people to remember the difference.

    Widmore answers Bens question about the liquor beside the bed by telling him about his nightmares.

    I believe his nightmares consist of the ‘changed reality/timeline’ that is caused, possibly in full by Desmond Humes actions…and not necessarily the incident.

    Desmond is special…there are several reasons as to why including the ‘failsafe key incident’…but as Dabs points out, Hawking and Widmore seem to know plenty about Desmond and his ability. And I have always believed that Hawking is a liar.

    I fully believe that change is possible on Lost, change has occured on Lost, and Desmond Hume is the ‘failsafe key’ to its unlocking.

  7. Btw…I hope everyone caught the same thing I did.

    Related or not, the man from the bar who hits Desmond/ the bartender is ‘Jimmy Lennon’…the man from the temple this season is also called ‘Lennon’.

    Again, maybe no connection, but I still do not believe in coincidences on Lost…

  8. The memory issues are yet to be ironed out, as there have been quite a few scenes where someone looks like they can’t quite remember the other timeline (Kate looked like she was having deja vous or something in the hospital room, and she and Claire both seemed to know they have a connection for some reason). Can characters (or some characters) leave themselves messages? Is this what Faraday’s journal is all about (and maybe the log book from the Black Rock?)? Anyone who has seen Groundhog Day or (even better) Memento should be familiar with the concept of leaving messages to remind of things to do or not do the next time around. This also may tie in with the “constants” – maybe they are the only ones whose fate cannot be changed.

  9. dabiatch,

    I think we can’t lose focus of the fact that flight #815 that did not crash on the island is NOT mutually exclusive. The plane did crash – button pushing – time loops – turning wheels – A-bomb – plane does not crash. The plane can not “not” crash if the original plane didn’t crash.

  10. I believe Desmond’s Swan Flash and Juliette’s Swan Flash were both to the other time line. The other time line has always existed and will be very important in explaining some of the mysteries of the show.

  11. @halapeno…or maybe they are the ones who can control/change fate…

    @lostandfound…they are related, but the point of the incident was to make it not crash, which Juliet seems to believe “worked”, one way or another.

    It is now time to focus on connecting the dots…or Desmonds to figure out how this is possible.

    We still don’t know what happened, and changing something like the past is more complicated than flipping a switch…or detonating a bomb.

    There are many relationships between the two lines, Jack’s father’s casket being one.
    But there are many changes and anomalies as well…Design being the most noticeable.

    Good comments all.

  12. Loophole…thanks for the kind words and agreements on at least the focus on Desmond.

    Dabsi and I have been working together here with similar thoughts since the site opened. She has been my source of inspiration and wisdom for quite a while, much deserving the credit for the Desmond talk on this post.

    His importance is obvious, but her theory explains things so well.

    You are right in my “eye”…it will be an “eye” opener…

  13. A.E.S.
    I think the key relationship to both MLT and ALT and all time lines that may or may not have occurred is that result of each is the same. What did MIB say, it always ends the same way? Where Jacob says it only ends once.

    Desmond is definitely a special person, but I don’t think he can influence the “end” that Jacob refers to.

  14. Username…He can and has influenced the end by simply pressing…or NOT PRESSING the button.
    He, with a simple button press, controls what happens to everything…and after the “failsafe key” is turned, it seems he can go almost anywhere…and now we may learn that he has the ability to choose when and where.

    Loopy, thanks for the kind words again…I always enjoy your comments. Watch “Flashes Before your Eyes” from season three…”The constant” from season 4…

    Think about certain people popping up where they dont belong…and think about if Desmond could actually learn to harness these special abilities…even if death in one timeline, constituted retribution or redemption in another.

  15. Hi AES, thanks so much for the ‘props’. I really appreciate it.

    I also would like to thank you for keeping the focus on Desmond and his unique abilities. I have no doubt that it will all play out.

    I think in terms of ‘death’ on the show, we are being shown a true ‘karmic’ path. As you say, retribution in one timeline and redemption in the other.

    I couldn’t agree more….

  16. I agree fully…but only if the person is truly sorry.

    Sometimes people try and find loopholes, to disguise their want/need for forgiveness in order to achieve personal goals, as true sorrow.

    That is the one gift that the smokemonster has that is simply amazing to me…it can see inside a soul, and find its deepest secrets.

  17. The willingness to sacrifice is a true ‘test’ of spirit and something we should all strive to do regularly.

    The willingness to forgive, begins with the ability to forgive ones self. Once that is achieved, the willigness to forgive others becomes easy and is a never ending cycle.

    The willingness to sacrifice and forgive repeatedly without question, is what sustains the spirit.

  18. AES, how does one mark true sorrow, and is one capable of making that judgement?

    One would have to know the true heart of the person to answer that question. I surmise that ‘no’ man or woman would know that. This judgement would be reserved for a higher power than man.

  19. AES, I read this earlier in the day and had to take time to consider it. My first reaction is that I agree with almost everything. The sticking point for me was Desmond being dead. I understand the reasoning behind it but couldn’t accept it at first.

    But then I reconsidered after I remembered proposing that people’s souls were traveling back to the beginning of their life and reliving life again. Perhaps Desmond is making a rest stop while his soul is on the BA kwards journey.

  20. AES, in line with where my thoughts are in terms of Lost, here is one thing that I noted which I feel is valid and pertains to my comments on forgiveness and sacrifice.

    When we see John Locke and Jack at LA airport in the ‘alternative’ they start up conversation about John losing his knives.

    This is very ‘symbolic’ IMO, as it speaks to John’s willingness to ‘let go’ of an aspect of himself that previously held his identity and importance of himself to. He was at peace with us.

    The John Locke we know from the ‘original’ timeline, would have completely ‘lost’ it, as this was his complete identity and all that was important to him in life.

    He seems to have undergone some ‘internal’ changes and even tells Jack, that he didn’t lose his father, only his body.

    In the ‘alternative’ timeline, John has forgiven himself, and is therefore capable of forgiving others.

    He sacrificed willingly, and as a result made himslef a friend with Jack, who he had always been at odds with. In turn, Jack extends a hand of understanding and friendship.

    We are witnessing is a path of ‘karma’ between these two men who were previously at total odds with one another. The ‘Man of Science’ and The Man of Faith’ have found common ground.

  21. Jack also tells john something very important…”nothing is irreversible”.

    It means more than just “changing the past,or fixing what is physically broken…

    Great points on everything Dabsi.

  22. AES I have to say that your theory, while I don’t really like the idea, does make sense. After all, every other time we saw Des flash to a specific point in time and accomplish something, he was confused and frantic. The difference (another polar opposite …) is that no one sees him as well as his demeanor in the opening. He isn’t frenzied or intent on a mission. He is calm and doesn’t even remember Jack, or so it seems. This is unlike what we’ve seen from Desmond so far except in the stadium, the first time they met.

    Also, you’d think that they’d remember each other from that meeting when they see each other on the plane, but they don’t. Definitely something is different. Maybe it is that Des is dead.

  23. A.E.S. I have been watching these desmond episode’s and think that Desmond could have been bringing every character we see to the Island for some time now. Through controlled Flashes he knows where to go and who else needs to get there. And possibly this has become natural to him. He’s still flesh and blood

  24. @Lost#s….I agree only if you believe that the other ‘timeline’ is an other ‘universe’ of sorts…then it could have always existed…if it is an alternate timeline, I think it is more than likely created by Des and his specialness.

  25. Loopy…I like the idea that he is bringing people to the island. But I think that it is Jacob who is the one bringing them in the finale of last year. I have more on that thought for another theory.

    As for flesh and blood, Hurley certainly believed that Charlie was flesh and blood when he slapped him in the face in the yard of the hospital…he was ‘dead’…but ‘there’ also.

    I like a good setup…what do you got?

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