Dr. Goodspeed

When they showed Ethan at the doctors office he was referred to as Dr. Goodspeed.  This means that Horace and presumably Amy (he didn’t get all those genes from Horace) had him off island.  This also means that even though Amy was with Paul on the island she was destined to be with Horace.  Paul and Amy could have been together off island too, but she was always meant to be with Horace and have Ethan.  Ethan in turn was destined to be a surgeon.

So if all this has to do with fate everyone who is supposed to be on the island will be there.  I don’t think they will have the flash sideways go through out the whole season, I’m guessing one flash sideways per main character, who was on 815, left.  I don’t think they will do one for Desmond until he is shown either going back to or on the island.  Anyways, I’m thinking fate will catch up with them (course correction, consciousness traveling, etc.) because according to Jack “They have to go back to the island, its their destiny.”

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11 thoughts on “Dr. Goodspeed

  1. What if only the “constants” course correct? They could influence and participate in the changes to the fates of others, but their own would not change no matter what. Knowing who the constants are would be key (are these the names on the list?).

  2. It all depends on when the branched time line began. If it began in 1977 with the incident, then Ethan was born on the island and probably was evacuated and couldn’t return.
    Since the time lines will probably merge somehow, I don’t know what becomes of our losties in the other time line.

  3. Just before the bomb went off, Dr. Candle had all children taken off island. W/O Juliet, he came back – but in ATL the island sunk and there was no island for him to return so he was raised off island and became doctor.

  4. Yeah, that is no proof he was born off the island… I agree w/ u waycurious.. I just planned on typing something similar.. Though Ethan was always a doctor, even in his life as an other, remember?

  5. Yeah i think he was probally just on the submarine with Amy. might not be a coincidence that he became a doctor and what not who knows perhaps its just all about how they all have contact with each anyway in some form.

  6. yeah, good thoughts everyone. I thought of this DR. Goodspeed too.

    As of the name of Ethan, yes, the both of your 2 versions are alright as far as I can know; he was called that way before the H bomb went off, and it was also named to be an anagram for “Other man”.

    To Halapeno:

    The constants are merely anchor for people who start conscience traveling like Des, Radsinsky and the rats of course. In order to have a stability in all that caos and differences form the past/future which have nothing in common for the mind, one needs a constant to survive the time travel(as constants in equations).

    Even if you knew already this or had this clear, there are not known constants. No one said they were only people, it could be a physical thing such as a rock that you know will be there in both times of the councious travel you are experiencing. Des even asked Faraday if the Constant could be also a person (we infere that the most obvioues then was not a person).

    So, to know the constants would be as to know every single thing on the universe that people who have conscience time traveled seem to have established as their Constants…which is impossible.

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