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As we are aware now the detonation of Jugghead seems to have resulted in an alternate timeline in which Oceanic 815 did not crash on the Island. So now we are being treated to a storyline in where it seems that some of the events that happened to the Losties on the Island are happening in the ‘alt timeline’ but under different circumstances. But then again, we may not be witnessing an ‘alt timeline.’ Has anyone considered that we may actually be witnessing events being played out in another universe, a universe next door?

I think that what actually happened with the interaction of Jugghead and the energy under the Swan is that it not only has thrown the Losties ahead in time but has also opened up a riff between our universe (OU) and a nearby universe next door (UND). Now that this riff between universes is open parts of each universe are starting to leak into each other. Perhaps this is why the energy under the Swan had to be contained. There are two events in “What Kate Does ” that I think support this possibility. First is Claire calling her baby Aaron without knowing why. The second is when Aldo notes that the trap could not have been Rousseau’s because she had been dead for years. I don’t believe that this is a matter of remembering a previous timeline but actually two universes trying to coexist in the same space. As the season progresses the riff between OU and the UND will widen and threaten the existence of both universes. In order to rectify the problem a way will have to be found to seal the riff and separate OU from the UND.

Another nice thing about this concept is that it eliminates the grandfather paradox that seems to have been set up. In OU events unfolded so that 815 crashes while in the UND it never did. And as to the title of this theory it is taken from the name of the first part of the Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy which inspired this theory.

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23 thoughts on “The Universe Next Door

  1. My husband really wants string theory to be a part of the Lost puzzle so he would love this theory! I don’t think parallel universes have been ruled out.

  2. perhaps there will be constants between the universes that bring it together. and we are seeing the constants now (ethan still a doctor, claire calling her kid aaron, etc.)

  3. Why is Aldo noting that the traps could not have been set by Rousseau because she has been dead for three years evidence of another timeline/universe?

    She was killed by Keamy & his team 3 year prior and I assume he was so confident because they probably knew about all of her traps.

    They knew about ‘the trap’ in question, they showed it to Kate before she stepped on the wire.

    Aldo knows the traps do not belong to Rousseau because they belong to Claire, something the others were obviously trying to hide from the losties until Dogen revealed the truth.

  4. Ekolocation, I totally agree with you. The two things I have in mind as being constants are the Island itself and Desmond’s abilities. What I envision is that, although we are only witnessing two of them, a hole has been punched through to many different universes with the closest one leaking through the most. But although there are some universes where Claire doesn’t become pregnant or Ethanol becomes a doctor, there is never a universe that does not have the Island nor doesn’t have Desmond gaining the flashing ability.

  5. Joshcgs, that is a very good and valid point you raise. I believe we are dealing with more than one universe leaking through. The traps.may be from a universe where Rousseau wasn’t killed by Keamy. And the Claire we saw on the Island may be from a universe where she went all Lord of the Flies instead of Rousseau.

  6. Hi Achalli, I had been entertaining the idea of a ‘Mirror’ universe, in addition to what has been mentioned here.

    My understanding is, that the ‘sideways’ ‘sidewise’ timeline might fit into this context, as a way of eventually explaining the story.

    It’s certainly a thought worth entertaining.

    Nice theory.

  7. Dabs, this is what I’ve been pondering for awhile also. My Schrodinger’s Island post is where I started advocating a scenario along these lines. IMO if you stick to time travel and an alt timeline within one universe then you inevitably run into causality paradoxes. The universe next door concept helps to eliminate causality problems but does come with the issue of spill over from other universes.

  8. Hi Achalli, I can see how this would be plausible. I thought of the ‘Mirror’ Theory as it has been something used in Star Trek.

    Given your previous theories on Schrodinger’s Island, I can see why this would be a concept which might tie in nicely with the story line.

    I can understand and appreciate what you are saying about the ‘spill over’ effect.

  9. I like this theory, I like it a lot, if we find out that the island, b/c of the explosion is now actually in the new universe. So we have an island in the wrong universe. Crazy but I like it.

  10. Hi Achalli, I don’t know if you’ve listened to the podcast from after LA X, but Damon and Carlton were pretty specific about the new timeline being an equal, though different timeline to the one we’ve seen already. They used the word timeline rather than being ambiguous as they can tend to be.

  11. Tas, I have not seen the podcast. I usually try to stick with what I’ve seen on the show and relate it to similar themes and ideas I’ve read/seen in other venues.

    I think we are going to be in disagreement over this and it’s going to come down to how we define alt timelines and alt universes. The way I view it alt timelines and alt universes are the same thing. In other words, an alt timeline happens in an alt universe. What I believe happened is that a hole was punched through to the alt universe and now the two are intermixing. For an example time travel being responsible for an alt universe I point you to the most recent Star Trek film.

    Even if I am wrong on the existence of an alt universe I still think that the two timelines can not coexist nor should they be merged. A choice of either one or the other timeline needs to be made.

  12. Semantics aside, they seem to be very much merging – the awareness of the characters seems to be indicating that along with physical evidence from season 5. What’s the point of showing the new timeline/universe if there is no merge? If the new timeline has no impact on the original why are they spending precious screen time on it?

  13. Tas, I’m going to tackle this in two parts. First, from a storytelling perspective this is a nifty yet gimmicky way to show what would happen if 815 never crashed. I view the flashforwards in the same way.

    Now for the second part, semantics aside. I agree that the two timelines are interacting and effecting each other. As time goes on the effects will be more pronounced. Where I disagree is that merging the two is a good thing and the correct course of action. I’m not looking at the situation as affecting just the Losties. The whole world is involved. Think of each timeline as two radio stations close together on the dial. When you have the radio tuned between the two stations you hear them both and they interfere with each other. That’s not a very enjoyable listening experience. So you need to chose which station you want to listen to and tune it in. That is what I believe is happening with the two timelines. The world is straddling two timelines / universes and needs to choose which one to go with.

  14. The flashforwards weren’t just gimmicky – they gave us huge amounts of information about the situation and the characters and were totally relevant to what happened after. If we hadn’t had the flashforwards we would have no idea why or what was going on with the O6. The new timeline has to be the same, to just use 6-7 episodes to show us the effects of the bomb going off in 1977, then just going ok, now back to the original, it doesn’t serve enough of a purpose. Maybe in seasons 2/3 where they were stretching, but not now. If it isn’t going to impact the main part of the story in a huge way then there is no point for showing us that part of the story, there’s no point in writing it at all if there is no merging of the two. Yes I agree, the stakes for the whole world are huge, that’s the massive ending I think we are ramping up to – this story isn’t just going to impact the island (which is what is playing out in the original) but all of us (the implications of a new timeline and a merge). Using your radio station analogy, I’m not sure what sorts of radio stations you listen to, but many stations here do ‘mashups’ where they merge two songs together. Some are not quite right, others work really well together, so I think they can bring the two together. I personally don’t see the point of them not and will probably turn into Chief 🙂 if that’s what they do because there are answers I want and what if the crash never happened is not one if it isn’t relevant to the big picture.

  15. I don’t deny that the flashbacks and flashforwards provided us with vast amounts of information about the characters and there situation, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were gimmicks used to move the story along. Lost is not the first story to use them and won’t be the last. This is true of the alt timeline (or universe) also.

    I also don’t deny that an alt timeline/universe won’t have an impact. The two timelines/universes are leaking into each other and needs to be sealed. The Losties that become aware of the fact they have two universes to choose from will have to decide in what universe they feel that they are better off in.

  16. I think this would be a good way to go about this occurring and trick EVERYONE (almost) into falling for the alternate universes.

    It would be a way to relate us back to the “Bad Twin” book, with the understanding that it was never what the show creators really wanted. But they still wanted the “twin” idea.

    There is obvious interaction with the timeline, but we dont know exactly what happened yet, or where they will go.

    When Lost first went “sci-fi”, there was a lot of talk of a mirror matter theory…this is another possible reference.

    Achalli, I think this would be a good twist, something to allow what happened happened, and still have change to occur in a way.

    I dont think it would make everything that occurred be pointless, but to make everything that occured be important because it does NOT occur in this universe.
    Good thoughts on this, and an interesting concept that could play out in a way that would cause us to be right…and wrong all at the same time.

  17. AES,nice thoughts on this. I agree that this would allow whatever happened happened and still facilitate change. When the Losties in our universe become aware if what their life’s are like in the universe next door they will need to choose what life they will be better off with. It’s a good vehicle for the characters to develop.

  18. Achalli, i read this theory yesterday and really really liked it; short yet sweet. the reason i liked it so much is that, firstly, it has given me an idea for a theory.

    secondly, it makes sense with regards to the special powers of the island. We have and island that can travel through time and space possibly due to the pockets of EM energy scattered around it. why is this important? Because as you’ve said, it is possible that some sort of temporal riff has been opened for both universes to exist.

    I know im being a bit vague and sort of just repeating what you’ve said but when i compose my theory, i will need to make reference to this. I just need to say that i’ve had a fantastic brainwave (thanks to Star Trek TNG) which i think you’ll like in my theory too.

    this is a brilliant theory but i can’t explain why without theorising myself!

  19. I have yet to be convinced the bomb actually went off. Maybe someone who is off the Island in 2007 was responsible for the timeshift. Maybe someone like Eloise turned the FDW at the moment right before the incident with help from Desmonds book? Or someone else.

  20. username, I am inclined to agree with you in that, we do not know what occurred during ‘the incident’.

    We are only seeing the effects that were created via an ‘alternate’ timeline. We do not know what caused it, or if it had anything to do with the bomb exploding.

    I think it’s a good idea to keep our minds open in this regard.

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