Timestamp on Claire’s Ultrasound

Did anyone else pause their DVR and notice that their was a timestamp on Claire’s ultrasound?  Here is a link to a screen capture (upper right hand corner is timestamp):

The date is a little hard to read, but it appears they landed in LAX on October 22nd, 2004.  I think some of us speculated that the parallel timeline was in 2007 or even 2010, but it appears to be around the same time as the original crash.  The original flight from the pilot episode would have landed on September 22nd, 2004, so I am not sure what the significance of the month difference would be.

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2 thoughts on “Timestamp on Claire’s Ultrasound

  1. I assumed it was around 2004. What doesn’t convince me is WHEN the island folks are. They want us to think its 2007, but is that confirmed? If so, then nevermind then.

  2. In the pilot Claire says she is almost 8 months pregnant, in the last episode she is 36 weeks which is past 8 months, so there does seem to be those few weeks discrepancy – weird, especially as she is wearing the same clothes.

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