Aaron Has Been “Claimed”

Back in first season, when Claire was still pregnant with Aaron on the Island, she said she was worried about her baby because he hadn’t kicked in a while.  Most of you probably remember this.  My theory is that, similar to Sayid, Aaron died in the womb and was brought back to life by being claimed.  I know there has been debate on this, and most theorized that the Island healed Aaron, but maybe there is a more sinister explanation.  If this is true, then that would mean Aaron is bad, and could explain why Richard Malkin (the psychic that Claire visits in “Raised by Another”) is so terrified to do Claire’s reading.

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8 thoughts on “Aaron Has Been “Claimed”

  1. i like it….and this is what the problem was all the time on the island with babies dying but because claire wasn’t gettin the treatment she needed from the others they didn’t realise that it happened. maybe this presence in aaron is what was giving kate the nightmares and making her not want to come back…..thinking about it now tho aaron is off the island so apart of smokey is off also. strengthens my theory that smokey can go off the island.

  2. I like the idea that Aaron died and was claimed and resurrected… but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he was claimed by the guy in black. Maybe he was claimed by Jacob. It could be that Jacob was claiming his people when he was off island on his touch-a-thon… why couldn’t Aaron be claimed by Jacob then?

  3. Oh, sorry… but we know that Claire was claimed by the other guy, right? If Aaron was claimed by him too then why didn’t she bring him with her when she walked off in the night? Maybe she couldn’t because he was already made part of Jacob’s team.

  4. im actually with you on that Highbrow….I think aaron could be good but not only good, the angel of mercy. Read the theory above this for the link to read why I think this…..subtle hint but its a theory lol

  5. Maybe the reason Claire left Aaron was because she was supposed to kill him and just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t kill or infiltrate ANY of her friends for that matter. Maybe she will be the one who’s “claimed” but choses to not follow, can somehow break from the influence, hence she has just gone off alone. Maybe they’ll find a way to un claim her, there must be a way righ? Besides killing them?

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