The Infected

So what the heck is up with Claire? At the end of last night’s episode (What Kate Does) we see Claire in a very Danielle-ish state. Is she really like Danielle or is there something different about her? It’s hard to tell… there is evidence to go either way. I think it does give us some pretty interesting, new information about Danielle if anyone cares to go back to theorizing about that crazy dame… Well, I do.

We were pretty much told exactly what happened to Claire. The Chinese guy tells us that Sayid is infected and that when the infection reaches his heart there will be nothing left of the man we once knew. He also reveals that this is the same thing that happened to his sister. Since the Others seem so intent on killing Sayid I’d say it’s safe to say that they are opposed to those in that state. The Others are with Jacob while the “infected” are with the guy in black.

So Danielle was with the guy in black, right? She was crazy and set traps in the jungle just like Claire was doing… Hmmm… the Chinese guy doesn’t seem to think that there’s any hope for Sayid once the infection takes him and he seems to be a guy in the know, you know? So there’s no hope for Claire, right? And there should have been no hope for Danielle as well, right? Well, Danielle brought herself around, didn’t she? She eventually helped the Losties… Crap, this theory just changed as I was typing it…

As far as I can see there are now four characters who could fit into this same situation as “infected”. Danielle, Claire, Sayid and Christian. Well, I guess the French science team would fit too but I guess they’re dead. Three of the four though have something in common and that’s children. Danielle went from being crazy lady to be helping the Losties and the major factor in her overcoming the infection was Alex and the hope of getting her back one day. Christian has Jack. Things are definitely a bit different with Christian but maybe not too much different. Maybe the infection brings with it some kind of understanding of things and Christian has that… the reason he has come around was because Jack needs his help. Maybe Christian does things for the guy in black because it’s what he needs to do to keep Jack alive… But I’m starting to ramble and wander.

What do you think? Is there a connection between the four of them and is there significance to the children of those characters?

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47 thoughts on “The Infected

  1. Concerning Christian like I said on another post I believe there are two versions to him…..the smokey appearance form…..and the infected dead body form. The infected part is likely to be the dangerous one while the other….while just as evil….pretends to be nice.

  2. With the events f last night does that mean everyone that died on the island (bar Artzy as he was in a million pieces) we are going to see again…eitha saved by the temple and has been with the others or as a ressurected infected ‘zombie’.

    Welcome back eko, boone,charlie, libby, shannon etc….only question is whos on whos side?

  3. sorry for flooding your post with ideas but i keep re-reading it and something new pops up lol.

    basically they will be paired up 1 good 1 evil. ie jack good christian evil – charlie good claire evil etc and the good ones are there to appeal to the goodness inside the evil ones.

    oh and rousseau I believe was good all along she was just a bit mental from being alone for so long and being hunted by smokey….remember how she always hid from it aswell.

  4. I don’t really think that Christian is evil and I don’t think we’ve really seen a Smokey Christian and a regular Christian. There’s just Christian. This is why it’s significan that Christian’s body went missing after the plane crashed. It was brought to the Temple and resurrected. I think the next move will be to bring Locke to the Temple where he’ll be resurrected as well… But I really don’t think that Christian, Claire, Danielle or the Science Team were ever mimicked by the smoke monster. They appeared as themselves just infected or claimed. The Science Team and Danielle demonstrated this through their ability to die while the smoke monster is capable of taking a bullet or two even while in Locke form.

    One question I have is about the tests that they put Sayid through after his resurrection. It seems to be pretty similar to the treatment he got from Danielle when she had captured him and at that point he seems to have passed her tests at least to her satisfaction. I’m not sure what that means but she seems to understand at least something about what has happened to her and what happened to her team… I think she was claimed too but not by the black shirt guy… I think she’s a rogue Other. Sayid passed her test because he was not yet claimed and that’s why she didn’t kill him.

  5. i was under the impression that smokey would only take the form of dead folk. so to say that he could take the form of christian and christian could be a zombie is kind of contradictory. and to say that christian died and then came back as infected is a stretch. he was dead. i think there is a connection between the spring and the infected.

    and the idea of the test that they did on sayid and the torture that danielle did to sayid is interesting. maybe she wasn’t as mental as we thought. but to call her a rogue other is a bit of a leap. she came to the island by way of her ship crashing. ben stole her baby. charles wanted her dead. she doesn’t to appear to ever have had contact with the others. she hid everytime she heard whispers (that’s what ben told her to do).

    and just being honest – i really hope this show doesn’t turn into a zombie show in the last few episodes.

  6. I’m not sure exactly how Christian being resurrected in the pool is a stretch. We’ve seen that happen first hand now. And I’ve not really contradicted myself. I’m saying that the Smoke Monster has never appeared as Christian. Every time we’ve seen Christian it’s been Christian, not the Smoke Monster.

    I really don’t think it’s going to become a show about zombies but really, we have undoubtedly seen, first hand, a dead guy brought back to life in the Temple. Not like when it (probably) happened to Ben where he went in then was suddenly better. This time we saw it.

  7. That’s a good question… I’m not sure exactly what it is that marks someone as claimed… if he wasn’t claimed during his swim in the pool the maybe he was… when he shot Ben?

  8. I don’t think it was the pool that did it. They left his dead body lying unburied and it was claimed. Any unburied bodies are fair game for claiming. I think if the spring had been clear when Sayid was immersed, then the outcome would have been different. The spring just does not work anymore now that Jacob is dead. Now I am beginning to wonder if Locke was claimed back when Ben shot him and left him for dead–I would have to adjust my loophole theory if that were the case….

  9. @highbrow. i really should have clarified. some of my last comment was meant for wesley who believes in two different christians (zombie and smokey).

    but i guess as i think though it… either christian was never on the plane (and the christian we see is smokey) or maybe (and this would be what you believe and it is convincing now that i think about it) the (temple) others got a hold of his body (because jack found an empty coffin in the caves) and took him to the spring. so that part isn’t as much of a stretch as i thought originally. (i love how this show makes me think!)

    @cappayne – maybe the spring being muddy had something to do with sayid being claimed and brought about his coming back to life.

    @highbrow – my question for you after reading all this again is this – are the infected, and thus the MIB, on the good team? and the others, and Jacob, on the bad team?

  10. Well, I don’t think that black shirt is the only guy out there who does any claiming… I think Jacob does it too but it’s unlikely that the Others would refer to this as an infection… I think they’re all claimed by Jacob.

    I think the presence of the coffin on the island means that the body was definitely on the plane…

    I hadn’t really thought about it, I guess… that it wasn’t the water that brought Sayid back to life afterall… but the question I have then is how was he claimed by the guy in the black shirt if the temple was being protected at the time (with the ash and all that they were spreading around)?

  11. I think when they showed us Dagon’s hand (hope that’s his name) not healing when it should have, was a major sign that the pool has no effect anymore. They were probably just trying to save him with the pool as a last chance type of thing.

    At the same time, as a child, Ben was probably dipped in the pool and came out a different person altogther (Richard said something to that effect). So I’m not really sure of anything, just like you guys.

  12. @ Odette: I think the alarm went off when Hurley told them that Jacob was dead??

    and nice thoughts Odette on the pool not causing Sayid to become “claimed”. I completely agree. It was something to do with the water being dirty, that caused Sayid to not be healed. It certainly didn’t seem like they had experienced the pool being dirty very often, if ever.

  13. The infection o jeez another thing. My question is how does someone become infected. is it the pool? or does smokey just have to be near when they die?

    I wonder if everyone Jacob touched are immune to the infection and Jacob trusted that Jack and company were the right ones to represent his plan going forward. Meaning he new all these guys would buck the system a little until he was able to move on with his plans. These are the variables and they are doing things different. But it is what Jacob expected.

    If we saw Claire blow up and dead, then she is still wandering around with the group until Christian showed after they went to sleep, Doesn’t this mean that she doesn’t have to be taken to the pool. If this is close to true I think Locke was Dead on arrival (815) and we have seen an infected Locke for a while. Remember Dugon said that it takes a while for it to spread to the heart. This could explain Lockes crazy communion with the Island in the first few seasons. I mean they were only there for 90 days right. the infection would take longer that this to totaly spread. Sayid didn’t seem to different and if you want to compare Danielle and Claire they both are interacting with people. They haven’t turned into visible monsters.

    My point is Locke may have been infected and slowly the infection was taking hold.
    The smokemonster was using John the whole time to manipulate Ben and Richard. We saw Ben go into the temple and loose his innocence and then leave the Island only to return. The reason why smokey made sure John turned the wheel is so John would leave the Island and come back for some reason. Maybe he needed him to come back more pathetic. John was ready to kill his self because he thought he was a failure to the Island. Maybe that is what smokey wanted. Maybe once he actually assumed the body this would make him stronger.

    What if Rose and Bernhard are the true trump card. One is infected and one is not. But they find a way to co exist even love each other.

  14. I just want to bring up the fact that when we first saw Desmond on the island, he was shooting himself up to ward of some kind of disease or infection, right? At the time it seemed like a ploy to make Desmond stay at his post, but maybe Dharma knew about this phenomenon. They had a fence to keep Smokey out, and had their people outside the fence shoot up with some kind of medicine on a routine basis. Maybe the infection is a kind of madness that consumes you, and makes you a different person. Danielle killed her team because they got ‘sick’ and weren’t the same.

  15. Also, someone mentioned that the temple others tortured him pretty much exactly the same as Danielle. I remember him reacting pretty much the same way to both incidents – but there has to be something different because he passed Danielle’s test but not the others’.

  16. I was thinking the same thing about those who were “touched” not being able to be infected.
    How does Dogen know Claire is Jack’s sister? The only person that could have told him is Christian, right? Claire never knew and Jack and Kate didn’t find out ’til leaving the island. I didn’t see either of them telling Dogen.

  17. Well, he might know the same way the other Others seem to know other things about every other person on the island.

    I am interested in knowing about why Desmond is shooting up in the hatch… I’m not quite sure what to make of the infection… when they first called in an infection I was thinking that it could be something physical but when they called it being “claimed” it kind of took on a more spiritual meaning. My best guess is that the shots are an attempt at preventing the infection but that they are completely ineffective.

    I’m really starting to wonder how they’re going to manage to explain anything at all about the DI given where the story is now and the amount of time they have left… that’s disappointing. I was looking forward to learning about the DeGroots and the Hansos…

  18. Maybe “claimed” as in by death? They are already essentially dead? Remember the Japanese guy used a Japanese word and his translater said the only thing close to it in English is “claimed,” but he did not elaborate. Maybe they don’t even understand completely.

  19. Good question Roland–I think that since Christian and Claire both appear in the cabin, they are both dead. Maybe Jacob told the Temple Others who Claire was, in preparation for the coming battle? IF they are the good guys, Jacob’s people, then I guess they would need to know who to fight and who not to fight since many people are not who they seem. And I do think that the people that Jacob touched are immune to “infection” and that is why they are on the list. That makes me wonder about the original list that Ben had–I think I might have another theory…

  20. What if Jacob touched Locke for a different reason than the others. It seemed like John was dead from his fall and Jacob brought him back to life. Maybe he did this knowing MIB plans and this is an example of him staying ahead of the game.

  21. It doesn seem like Jacob brought Locke back to life when he touched him but I’m not sure how that gets him ahead of the man in black… MIB doesn’t really do anything to John but identity theft.

  22. You make a good point with sayid, but my thinking is that maybe the test show infection but it doesn’t truly take hold possibly it even goes away. This is why Jacob chose Jack to lead these people because of Jacks will to go up against authority. Jacob needs this time to show the infection won’t work as planned for MIB. This maybe to counter act what MIB has set up. And this could raise the importance of the Losties to the Temple Others.

  23. Bailey,

    I think he did touch him on the shoulder to get his attention and ask for directions. Sayid’s girl keeps walking. In my opinion Jacob purposely distracted Sayid so that his lover would die (hit by the car). I believe she had to die for some reason. Jacob quickly leaves after she is hit, as if that was his whole plan.

  24. The list obviously means something, and Jacob obviously knew that eventually MIB would come to kill him…it gets him ahead by making sure that it happens in the way he wants it to happen, with the people he wants causing it and the other events…beginning with Hurley to be his voice after his death.

  25. Well yeah, touching Locke and bringing him back to life was definitely a part of his plan just like touching Sayid, Kate and them… But I don’t see how touching Locke has any more significance to MIB than any of the others… MIB has never done anything to Locke directly except their interactions when he was in Smokey Form. He didn’t kill Locke and he didn’t infect him (so far as we know) like he did Christian (possibly), Danielle (probably) and Claire (for sure).

  26. Good point AES….coming to think about it Jacob doesn’t need a body…..he has Hurley to communicate thru….and while in this state he would be completely unvulnerable right? Free from attack and still being able to help the Losties out…..without MIB even knowing.

  27. No, but he knows John has been on the island in signifigant situations, in even more signifigant timeperiods.

    John already sold himself to Richard and the others in the fifties, Ethtan in ‘?’, and Ben in 2004.
    He is the one who people believe is the “leader”…and the one who is prophosized to be special and important on the island.

    He has been everywhere, believes that he is the leader, and makes people believe that he is the leader.

    Without his leadership and faith, he can never be the one who gets to go in to see Jacob, this allowing him to be killed by Ben.

  28. @Bailey227:
    Sayid was touched by Jacob–I think Jacob might have saved him from getting hit by the car as well. And, what I’ll call for now the “evil” forces on the island cannot infect him (though I am not sure which side is good and which is bad yet!) or kill him, but it was the Temple Others that killed him, not the evil forces. Once he died, he was fair game again.
    I think there is something extra special about Locke being one of the touched ones, dying, then his body being brought back to the island. That whole situation is the loophole.

  29. I agree…but its Jacobs touch that seemingly awaken him allowing him to be all of those things, and a little push from Matthew Abbadon who sends him on his ‘walkabout’.

    You know I am a believer that Locke is not simply a pawn.

    He is the one who is destined through a predestinational paradox to be the leader.

    His body still lays on the ground, and is still very much an influence off of the island.
    I predict an eventual ressurection, one way or the other of Locke and his faith continuing on.

    MIB picked Locke because he was weak, and pathetic.
    Jacob picked Locke because he is not…

    MIB could not understand the human spirit in a man such as John Locke…because he is not human (anymore?). And if he is/was, he at the very least does not understand faith.

    And I know he, unlike Jacob and myself, has no faith in John.

  30. I agree that Locke will be resurrected (and soon, too) and I agree that Locke is the one who’s going to do all the stuff that fixes all the other stuff and brings a bunch of stuff together in the end… I disagree though that it has anything to do with a paradox.


  31. A.E.S.

    I agree with you–I like to think that the reason Jacob so quietly allowed himself to be “killed” is that it is part of a bigger plan. Locke may not be the best host for MIB after all because of his faith and connection to the island, even though MIB saw it the other way. I have had a hard time watching Flocke–it just does not seem right. And maybe having Locke’s body on the island again will enable Jacob ultimately to restore his life

  32. The thing that strikes me is and i think we will see it next week, Flockes walking around with “smokie” in his body Richard over shoulder, but hes also infected sayid? and obdviously claire! All at the same time? Previous to last night i thought he was just a one entity type of thing dropping in and out of bodies, he certainly did that when he turned from flocke into smokie then back into flocke.Could we still be looking at two things? The others walking Kate n jin thru the jungle makes it clear they are keeping the smoke monster out of the temple, but if the others think sayid is infected with smokie then hes already in the temple? ohhhhh its driving me crazy another whole week to wait!

  33. The infection may not have anything to do with Smokie. It does bring up alot of questions though. Desmond innoculating himself. Ethan shooting Aaron up with drugs while still in Claire. Hopefully it will all come together soon so we can get on with some bigger questions and answers.
    I posted something in the questions section just for the hell of it. I still think Sayid is the new Jacob. The other others might not know what exactly he is infected with.

  34. So Jacob appeared to Hurley and told him he needed to take Sayid to the Temple so he can live, and that they would all be safe at the temple. My question is was that really Jacob, and perhaps didn’t know that Sayid would be infected, or did he know and didn’t care? OR was that Smokey acting like Jacob? I was under the impression that it was the latter, Smokey.

  35. I think the infection isn’t really an infection at all. I don’t trust the Others any more than I ever have. We have seen Ben do horrible things in the name of the island, only to learn that he never really received any direction and was just following … what? MIB? Anyway, how are we to know that Dogen isn’t doing the same?
    Maybe this “infection” is actually a death of sorts in that those claimed or infected are no longer a part of the “progress” as Jacob calls it. Maybe all of this is more of a test and they are finished. Claire didn’t ever really have bad intentions towards anyone; Christian did, but was trying to make amends by the time he died (right? maybe I should re-watch), Danielle we don’t know enough about, but she didn’t seem like an EVIL person, and Sayid also had done horrible things but had “repented” for lack of a better term. So maybe their judgment is done and they are no longer accessible to Jacob or MIB? Maybe that is in fact, the claiming. They have been judged and so can no longer be swayed one way or the other.

  36. assuming the jacob that hurley saw in the jungle really was jacob…than i believe sayid is not infected, or infected in a good way. the jacob hurley sees sort of inspects sayid’s body while talking to hurley.

    also if the note said to heal sayid…then jacob knows how all this plays out already. probably knew sayid was going to die…

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