1st post. And I may be only writing down things I was just thinking about to go through them logically, but if anyone wants to provide heir thoughts/insights, it would be appreciated. I apologize in advance as there is a lot going on below and appears stream-of-consciousness.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall from Season 5 that after Rousseau shot and killed the rest of the French team, their bodies were lined up on the beach (as witnessed by Jin — he noticed the stench of the bodies and then saw them).

However, in LA X and What Kate Does, we see the skeletons of the members of the French team in the tunnels leading to The Temple.

I think it is safe to assume that Rousseau did not drag & place the bodies back in the tunnels. Therefore, I wondered if this a continuity error? But, if not, it would seem that the French team members died and/or became infected in the tunnels and their bodies remained in the tunnels, while at the same time the French team reencountered Rousseau. This is similar to the dual existence of Locke’s dead body and Fake Locke. The dead body and the newly-created “Bad Twin” exist at the same time. Of course, this also implies that Fake Locke can be killed, as the French team members were seemingly killed twice (one real, one fake French team).

Because one overriding theme is the duality between light and dark, this leads me to conclude that each person can be claimed by the light side and dark side. That would then lead me to believe that there there may be those that are dead that also exist in “Good Twin” form (the alternate theory about this is that those that are not alive, but not dead, can only exist in this “infected form”). However, I am not sure how or why one’s light side/dark side prevails to be utilized in the bigger game/war (I don’t know if they are two separate things or the same thing, but that is another post). Perhaps “the infected” cannot be balanced, and only one side, the dark side of them, can exist.

I do believe that Locke is special. Clearly, at this point, it seems he has been “claimed” by MIB. However, prior to that Jacob obviously selected him and put him on his path to the island in order to help Jacob. It would seem he has been “claimed” by both sides. In light of Locke’s current situation (both dead and impersonated by MIB), I think of Alt-Locke’s comment to Jack that — how could [Oceanic] know where [Christian] is — they may have lost the body, but not Christian. In Locke’s situation, it seems that while we know where Locke’s body is, “Locke” himself is lost — the person that was Locke is not who MIB is (even if he has Locke’s memories). Therefore, I think that the Locke from Season 1 that we knew, in this case, the “Good Twin”, has to reappear.

This also ties into something Mikhail said — that he knew John Locke, but that he was paralyzed (he never finished that thought, but it seemed as if he was going to say “paralyzed”). It did not seem like Locke recognized him. That tells me that perhaps Mikhail has jumped between timelines (he has converged — as others likely have as well, such as Desmond), and based on all of this, I have to think in the alternate timeline, Mikhail meets Locke (Mikhail has medical training and maybe crossed paths with Locke, like Ethan & Claire in both timelines), Jack fixes Locke (which may be why Jack is special — saving Sarah, Ben, and now Locke), and somehow the now-ambulatory Locke (and maybe other 815ers) jumps into the 2007 timeline to balance things and no longer is Locke or Jack “Lost”.

Again, sorry for the stream-of-consciousness writing, but one idea dovetailed into another. I am sure what I wrote also raises questions, some of which leading to contradictory answers.

Any thoughts or insights will be much appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Dominoes

  1. Some good points, but did they find the whole team in the temple or was it just the one who got his arm ripped off that they were chasing in the first place. someone else had poasted somthing along these lines but pointed out that when locke was shot at the bullets bounced off him, and they didnt bounce off the french team. Alot of good thoughts and ideas.

  2. Excellent work! I like the twin idea… Locke will be back with a vengeance, and OF COURSE Jack will fix his spine! “We are hear for a reason Jack” 😉

    Their journey is far from over. One guy needs to find his knives and the other his father!

    What a cool TV series although they need to get it going in the next episodes.

  3. concerning French Team, I’m almost positive the only dead body in the tunnel was the dude who lost his arm being pulled down by Smokey..anybody else confirm? If not, I’ve got to watch that part again, that would be significant if more of the French team were down there…
    I like what you’re saying about Good Twin/Bad Twin..that would be cool if that’s where story is going..Kind of similar to that, I hope they resurrect Locke’s dead body on the 2007 Island and that is good Locke!

  4. It may have been only Montand, not the entire French team. I recall them commenting on him having only one arm, but I thought the others were there too. I’ll check again, but thanks for the comments.

  5. I also like the good/bad twin idea in your post….especially considering the reference to “Bad Twin” on the original version of the infamous Oceanic 815 flight. I think, however, that the difference between the french team and fake Locke is that the french team is/was just “infected” or “claimed” by whatever evil power the smoke monster represents (the dark side of the duality conflict) just like what happened to Sayid and Claire, whereas fake Locke is actually a manifestation of the actual smoke monster….A General and his soldiers for the war that’s coming….just a thought!

  6. The series has actually already hinted to this Good/Bad side of Locke in Season 1, Episode 10, called ‘Raised by Another’. There, Locke is speaking to Claire in one of Claire’s vivid dreams, and he’s depicted with one black eye and one white eye. This seems to imply that Locke would be ‘claimed’ by both the dark and the good sides. The clip is here:

  7. Hi apache, congratulations on your first post. I really like the thoughts that you have expressed here.

    Firstly, thank you for reminding me of what Mikhail said to John Locke. Even though ‘time-travel’ and ‘flashforwards’ had not been introduced to us, I felt Mikhails words held further meaning.

    I think your ideas have merit, in the way that I expect Mikhail had some prior knowledge about John. The subtle connections you are making between the characters, the dialogue and the interactions in the ‘alternate’ timeline and original timeline hint at the differences.

    I really like your theory. Nice work!

  8. There was only one body in the tunnels (from the French team), and it was Montand’s, missing his one arm. Smokey dragged him in there and that’s where he stayed. The others were dead on the beach.

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