The Game and parallel Universe

Written 12th February

It is clear that Ben, at the time he was shoot as a kid, has been healed in the same place where Sayid has just been.
What was/is going on with Widemore and Ben has nothing to do with the Game that Jacob and his Nemesis are playing. Or at least, theirs is just a struggle within Jacob side.
Jacob and his Nemesis, they’re the Yin and the Yang, part of the same thing, trying to prevail one over the other. Still to be seen which one of them is evil or good. Or even if that concept applies to them at all. But I would not be so sure that Jacob is the nice guy. Jacob is the one who doesn’t want the island to be found. He dragged all of our Losties down there for that pourpose. That’s probably why, the “new others” want Sayid dead: he would probably serve Jacob’s cause as Ben always did.
Game is still at stake. But Jacob is loosing and I have the impression is a sore loser too.

Based on the principle that: “what happened, happened”, everything that actually did occur on the time spent on the island, will happen in the parallel universe, whatsoever. Charlie, will eventually die. So Boone and whoever else did die, will. Seemingly, Kate will help Claire give birth as she already did. That’s why Ethan took care of Claire during her pre-birth days both universes. Think of something relevant that happened on the island, it will happen again on the parallel universe. Maybe faster.

Bonus material:
Desmond and Miles are two different cases: they were on the Island at the same time, but in different times, if you know what I mean. Miles even saw himself as a baby. That would explain why the have “special powers”

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2 thoughts on “The Game and parallel Universe

  1. Theeoloopo

    You bring ups some interesting thoughts and points. I believe that Widmore and Desmond’s characters will give us the biggest twists of all. They have hidden these characters away but kept them relevant throughout.

    I think that there will be similar events in the two time lines but that in one we will see it effecting the other.

  2. “The Game”: I disagree with what you’re saying..I think the writers have already made it clear that Jacob wants man to come to the island, to interfere, to make choices, to harness the island’s powers; and MIB believes just the opposite; protect island from man’s corruption..

    “Parallel Universe”: I think you’re on to something.. We will soon find out.. It makes sense to me that if something is destined to happen, such as Charlie dying, that you are only delaying it if you’re saving him in one Universe..and that it’s equally destined to happen in another Universe…

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