Jacob is the spring?

Written 9th February

As confirmed by the writers, MIB is the smoke monster. If MIB gets to have another form, why not Jacob?

Perhaps Jacob is the spring and can judge people to be healed, just as MIB can judge people to be killed? When Jacob dies, the spring turns dark. When Yogi, or whatever his name is, slashes his palm open, to test the spring, it doesn’t work. This could be due to Jacobs death as well.

Also, (spoiler alert), in tonights episode we learned that Sayid may loose who he is by this infection. And we learned this happened to Claire? Can we assume this is what happened to Ben? And why did this happen to Claire? What’s the significance there?

Any thoughts on this?

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One thought on “Jacob is the spring?

  1. A theory written somewhere (sorry, author of that theory) highlighted the importance of the water. If MIB can take the form of something, why not Jacob take the form of something? Interesting idea.

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