check mate!!!

hi everyone! im new here, although i ve read a lot of theories written here!

so …lets take this from the beginning!

in 2004 O815 crashed on the island because desmond pushed the button too late. after 108 days on this full of mysteries island, six of the survivors managed to get rescue and leave the island, while the rest on the island were flashing though various times on the island and stopped in 1974. each one of them for different reasons had to go back and they all board on the ajira flight along with some other strange people. The flight crashed and jack, hurley, kate and sayid crash in 1977 where they found saywe miles julliet and jin who were in the DI. according to faradays theory they had to detonate a hydrogen bomb so they can prevent the swann from ever been built which would never lead the o815 to crash.. jack convinced everybody and went to detonate the bomb.

now here is my theory,

jilliet was hitting the that point we saw the flash.. this caused the alter reality..

in one reality the bomb didnt explode and the storyline goes as we know it from s1-5 and they all flashed in 2007 of the original timeline, were ajira flight had landed.

in the alternate reality the bomb exploded and the island sunk. the swan was never built. the life in this alt reality for our heroes is almost the same. jack is a surgent, kate is a fugitive ( but sais shes done nothing wrong), charlie is a drug addict and almost gets killed, hurley is lottery winner and the good luck, locke is a cripple, claire is pregnant, and even ethan became a doctor who would help claire. they all land safely. kate manages to escape and we see a more human kate than the original one..its because of her conscious from the original timeline. jack also seems a bit lost, desmond seems familiar to him..kate also..they have the connection from the original season 5 finale jacob said : it always ends the same..everything that happens before that is progress. kate has progress. and we ll that will progress some how because of their original timeline…

u remember when jacob visitid some of the losties? i thnk he visited them in the alt reality…this will make the have slighlty different path..eventually they will all somehow board on a plane..and the plane will crash….in the original timeline somewhere between 2004-2007..they will all die as richard alpert witnessed. but their life from the alt reality will progreesss the ones from the original timeline…improve them..

the incident( the bomb not going off ) is the loophole mib was looking for so thing come as thewy way we know it and kill jacob…but juliets free will off making the bomb excplode is jacobs last move to this endless chess game..maybe a check mate

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7 thoughts on “check mate!!!

  1. If it was the alternate reality then how could Hurley not want to go back to an island that he never went to in the first place? How many years of schooling are required for a surgenting license? Why chess instead of backgammon?

  2. i dont understand by what you mean when you say richard will witness them all die? when will this happen, he already told sun this right when she got to others camp with locke after aijra crashed. for him to have witnessed it , it would of happened before that time like in 77 when they were all together.i think you theory is good but it gets a little misunderstanding and sloppy with the whole progression thing.

  3. I have no idea if you are right but welcome! 🙂

    It was MIB who said it always ends the same. Jacob said that it only ends once and everything that happens before that is just progress. 🙂

  4. just one thing springed to my mind as where jack knew desmond from, they both met at a football stadium years previous to the whole plane journey when one of them i cant remember which was training for something, it was a flash forward in season 2 i think.

  5. amarissimus ,Hurley was touched in the original timeline. the other were touched in the alt reality. especially sayid. if u remember sayid was looking for the people tha killed nadia in the original timeline but when jacob touched him it seemed like an accident hoe nadia was killed…just a thought..
    OurMutalFriend77. alpert told sun that he witness them all die in 2007. i believe that those from the alternate reality will somehow enter the original timeline between 2004-2007..before the ajira flight ever between this period altpert will see the alternative losties die.

    ilieintheshadowofthestatue, thanx for the correction, my bad 😉

    eluwan hi, about the jack desmond connection.. they met in the field in the original timeline. we dont know if in the alt reality the same will happen. i think they know eachother unconciously from the original timeline… remeber when desmond turned the safe key and traveled back in time?? he tried to prevent the bartender from ever being hit and the bat hit him..and on the island he felt that hit..i think people can feel things fro m both realities

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