The Word “Infected”

I realized that both Rousseau and Dogen/Lennon used the therm “infected” when referring to respectively, the other members of the French team (and to the 815ers) and to Sayid. Also, if I recall correctly, Desmond, when explaining his injections, states he does it to avoid being infected and also (I think) asks if any of the 815ers are infected. I find it curious that they all would use the same word to describe whatever condition that entails. That leads me to think that the “infection” being referred to may be different and is used generically, or, more likely, if the word “infection” is meant to describe the same condition (specific use of the word), the use of that word should have originated from a source common to Rousseau, Desmond and Dogen/Lennon. However, from what we know, none of their paths crossed prior to the Oceanic 815 crash.

So, my question is: why do these three distinct individuals use the same term for a particular condition, one that would not be known to Rousseau or Desmond? Maybe Kelvin?

I find this strange, but perhaps my Lost spidey-sense/paranoia (aka “Things are not what they seem” feeling) is on hyperactive in anticipation of the next episode.

Any thoughts/insights/comments or opinions are appreicated. Thanks in advance.

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2 thoughts on “The Word “Infected”

  1. Could Radzinski have ‘killed himself’ due to the sickness?

    They didn’t seem to be taking it in 70s Dharmaville. Maybe they didn’t notice it ’till after ‘the purge’?

    And, as someone else pointed out, Mikhail’s returns seem infectedish.

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