Lucky, lucky Hurley

Forgive me if I’ve missed a relevant post, but I haven’t really read anyone’s thoughts on why, why, why would Hurley be in Australia in the alternate timeline? He said himself that he’s “the luckiest man alive”(or something like that), so apparently he’s not plagued by the numbers. We can then assume that he’s not hunting down their mysterious origin, so why make the trip? Not everyone got on the flight this time around, so it’s not that everyone had to be there. I’m very interested to see why exactly Hurley made the trip. Anyone have any ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Lucky, lucky Hurley

  1. I believe he made the trip for business. When he was outside the airport on the cell phone waiting for a cab we hear him say something about the phrase “down under”, and he was talking about a business problem. I am guessing he’s expanding his franchise.

  2. He was there opening a restaurant, I couldn’t recall why he was in Aus. either but then I remembered Arzt asking him to do the voiceover from the commercial.

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