Sayid’s Infection

Been thinking about this one also, One thing that springs to mind is that Sayed is infected with the Dharma torturer from the 1970’s time line. remember sawer saying “his our you” to sayed back in season 5?

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3 thoughts on “Sayid’s Infection

  1. thats saying that everyone speculating that “infected” means he is poessed with another person. that is by no means proven, and even if it was there is no evidence or even clues that its oldmen. i myself do not think that the “somebody else in there body” infection thing , is even close to right. but i hate to say i think your WAY off on this one. lol

  2. i have to agree with ourmutualfriend on this one….im inclined to think that whatever is infecting Sayid and Claire is not a spirit or essence of another person or human being, rather the same “force of evil” that is motivating the smoke monster and whatever side of the coming war he is supporting…..

  3. I also believe that the Losties may be “infected” with someone else–especially Sayid with the Dharma torturer and Claire with Rousseau. Maybe something about the magnetic anamoly holds the spirits of the dead and enables them to re-animate unburied bodies. The Others are kind of a hodge-podge when you look at their clothing–they are from all different time periods–some are in fatigues, some are in button down shirts–I think the clothing carries over from the person that is “infected”. I also think that Locke might be special because he arrived on the island dead, and that was the loophole. I think that the possession of Locke and the possession of the other Losties are different in type and mechanism–Smokey could only take on the appearance of someone who was already dead upon arrival. Maybe part of the problem is that, on the island, the same people (in different bodies) keep playing out the same drama over and over again–but would make our Losties any different, I wonder?

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