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This is my first post on here so go a little easy on me 🙂 A lot of focus in multiple theories seems to be on Egyptian symbolism and culture, which I admit is not unfounded considering the hieroglyphics etc. But, while I have been going back through the seasons and re-watching them (because the week in between episodes is killing me) I can’t help but notice the connections between Hinduism and India that are present in the series.

First I looked at the nut of the Rudraksh tree that can be found in parts of the Himalayas, Indonesia and Malaysia. Rudraksh beads represent Lord Shiva, part of the divine Hindu trinity. This very powerful and auspicious charm bestows spiritual powers, good health, fame and material happiness. Rudraksh beads are used for making 108 bead rosaries for chanting Mantras, so as to increase the effect and power of the Mantra. Although these rosaries are a product of the ancient Vedic period, through modern science, we now know that the figure ‘108’ is of particular relevance, as the distance between the Earth and the Sun is approximately 108 times the Sun’s diameter. The Sun’s diameter is about 108 times that of the Earth’s. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is approximately 108 times the Moon’s diameter. It is perhaps possible that the ancient sages determined that there 108 steps between our ordinary human awareness and our inner divinity. As to how they determined the distances between these celestial bodies, with such accuracy, remains a mystery.

Second, Tripurasuras are three Demons who have Innumerable Powers. They live in three Purams which are built in the sky and revolve in space. The Purams are protected by a boon from Lord Ganesh and nobody can harm them, unless they come into a single axis. That moment comes only once in every Thousand years. Prayed by all gods Lord Shiva decided to kill those Demons. He did a big Tapasya with half-closed eyes. (Ardha Nimeelita neetra). He opened his eyes, concentrated on the axis and burnt Tripurams. Due to the stress caused by Tapasya, tears came out his eyes while opening them. They turned into Rudrakshas. I conneected this with Flocke killing Jacob. They were living on different “axis” and had to come into a single one, just as Jacob and MIB did.

Third, the meaning behind Rudraksha:The most important word is “Aksha”, which tells us many details about Rudraksha. Aksha means “Eye”. It resembles the Third eye of Lord Shiva, Fire, which protects us from Passion and Death. Aksha means “Borne out of eye”. The tears, which came after 1000 years Tapasya done by Lord Shiva. Rudraksha relieves stress and greatly helps in reaching desired goal. Our Losties are trying to reach their desired goals, especially Locke. The eye continues to be a symbol throughout the show. Also, Aksha means “Axis”. The concentration of Shiva in the war. Everybody needs concentration. Aksha means “View to chase the target”: A Clear Vision to reach goal. Another important meaning of Aksha is “Joining axis of Tripurams”. This gives a purely Philosophical meaning. Tripurasuras resemble Trigunas (Tamas, Rajas and Satwa). They live in Tripurams (Sthula, Sukshma and Karana Sareerams) One can attain Salvation only after winning these three. We can’t win them one by one. They merge at a single point called “Deha bhranti” (Feeling of one-self as a separate identity) . We have to target it and win them at once. I believe eventually once the goals have been reached by the Losties they will be able to merge into one timeline. It is not until they can real their goals that this will happen.

Finally, Lord Shiva has 108 different names by which he is called by. I read an earlier theory which linked the 42 commandment sins in Egypt to different people…so I started thinking of the names in this manner as well, but I wasn’t sure who would fit each of the names. If you look at #4 “Anagha” this means Without Fault. #8 Bhairav means Lord of Terror. #15 Chandraprakash means “One Who Has Moon As A Crest” #16 Dayalu means Compassionate #23 Durjaya means “Unvanquished” #42 is means Lord of Lingas. Lingas it should be noted is one means worships in a temple, which of course we know our new Others worship in a temple.

So there it is. Not much of a theory I guess but just some connections Ive noticed that intrigued me into doing a little research.

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6 thoughts on “Focusing away from Egypt – Lord Shiva

  1. ClaireBlueEyes, this is an absolutely fascinating read. You did a spectacular job in presenting it also.

    PS: I will be give Lord Shiva a read. Thanks for sharing it.

    Nice Work!

  2. You are definitely right on target with this…. Shiva aka ‘The Auspicious One’ is known as The Supreme God and is one aspect of Trimurti.

    Outside of the Temple there are figures of the three-headed Trimurti…Creator, Maintainer/Preserver and The Destroyer.

    I will definitely read more on this.

    Good catch!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂 I started looking into the number 108 and where it is present in different cultures and next thing I knew I was seeing the connections I wrote about.

  4. This is fascinating. So let’s see…

    4 – Locke – Without Fault
    8 – Reyes – Lord of Terror
    15 – Ford – One Who Has Moon As A Crest
    16 – Jarrah – Compassionate
    23 – Shephard – Unvanquished
    42 – Kwon – Lord of Lingas

    Hm, it doesn’t look like a very good fit. I would have been more convinced if Sayid had turned out to be the Lord of Terror rather than Hugo… 🙂

  5. I wrote that before last nights episode and your right not the best fit 🙁 but I have always thought that there is more to Hugo than meets the eye and perhaps in the end he will be evil since that would throw us for the biggest loop of all. And Jin was the one who led them to the temple so he kinda fits 42 haha I think I’m so desperate for a clue in each episode that I’m willing to turn to anything. My friends and I even found ourselves yelling “maybe its walt” to be blurry black boy who delivers mail to Locke and Helen. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Something else I did find interesting was that Lord Shiva was known to sit underneath Banyan trees, which as we know are the same trees that the Losties have hid in on the island to get away from Smokey. I think the producers and writers pull from a lot of different cultures, religion, and mythology and this could be just one more example that.

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