The four lements

After reading Dabs and Kims theories, I am struck by the use of fire and water in Lost. Could we assign certain of the four elements to Nemesis and Jacob? Both seem to have something to do with water. Would ash be fire or earth? And how about air?

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One thought on “The four lements

  1. Hi Roland, this is an excellent question that I would also like to have the answer to.

    There is a post by Crawfs09 about Buddhism that is a very interesting read.

    In the comment section, Elsewhere has provided further information pertaining to the elements regarding ‘Trimurti’ which are very informative. She also states about Locke being the sign of ‘Gemini’.

    Hopefully, elsewhere will see your post and provide some insight on that.

    It has me wondering about Jacob and Nemesis now.

    Great question!

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