Is Jacob really good?

Firstly, great episode, right? This writing on a cave ceiling thing is really interesting, but also sort of makes Jacob out to be a crazy man. I mean, why so sporadic and all over the ceiling? lol

I’m looking at all the things that have happened and I feel like I’m not totally sure Jacob is the good guy anymore, perhaps neither of them are good, but I can’t really see Jacob as totally good. Whatever his reasons for doing what he does, he does end up getting a whole lot of people killed, people which (as we’re seeing in the flashbacks) would have actually had nicer lives without Jacob’s influence.

Lets look at the actions of Jacob:

Brings people to the island, who mostly die.

All the people who didn’t make it when the plane crashed, the ones who did, and were later on killed? What can justify so much killing?

When someone gets off the island, they are haunted to come back(Michael, I dont think the MIB can leave the island)

He KILLS the entire dharma initiative.(via ben, richard, and his followers gassing the place)

So, what exactly has Jacob done that was good? I don’t see anything. And I bet that as we see more and more of our lostie’s lives without the island ruining them, we’ll see that the problems that they had won’t be as bad, that the island was causing these chains of events in order to get them there. Never mind who gets hurt.

So I ask you, from what we’ve actually seen of the actions of the island, has either side, MIB or Jacob, done whats best for the regular humans who just ended up there, seemingly because of jacob? I think not.

Maybe there’s a reason behind this, a much more important problem that needs to be solved, where all the death and destruction is worth it, but from where I’m sitting, neither side is very good at the moment, and the MIB/smoke has killed far less people(that we’ve seen die), and most of them were bad/violent people, like the team sent to kill Ben.

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7 thoughts on “Is Jacob really good?

  1. i kinda agree,

    I’m starting to get the feeling that there aren’t really any good guys or bad guys, i think the only good guys are our losties.

    MIB doesn’t seem so bad at the moment, but imagine if he gets his wish of getting to the outside world? Maybe the whole purpose of the people that are on the island has been to keep Smokey trapped there, and now they’ve gotta go to plan B, destroy smokey and possibly the island with it.

  2. Ditto, not really clear cut at the moment. But than again, one is white and one is black :). In the game of backgammon, nothing indicates which color is good or bad, it’s just a game, confusion sets in.

    P.S. It would seem both MIB and Jacob have had people killed, sacrificed, etc. for their own purposes.

  3. I’ve always liked this about LOST.

    In most stories, theres a good and bad. There is the villian who wants something evil and the good guy who tries to stop him. But, that’s not always the case in real life. In real life, it’s two different people with two different back stories who just want two different things.

    Two sides to the story.

    I don’t believe Jacob is good or MIB is bad. I think they are just fighting for two different things. That’s it.

  4. I pretty much agree with everyone. I think the losties are going to start picking sides and eventually clashing. For example, I think Sawyer will remain on Mib’s side while Jack will chose the Jacob/Other’s side-which, surprise surprise, will create even more conflict between the two. I think it will be interesting to see what side Kate picks.

  5. I think this is all part of the writers plan to keep us guessing. We all thought Jacob was good in the beginning, because he is. He’s white, MIB’s black. But now they give us all sorts of information and personal contact with MIB, making it easy to sympathize with him. We’ve heard his side, more of his sob story. And he’s GOOD at telling it!

    I think that we see Jacob and MIB kill people in different ways. Plus there are rules to the killing, so it has to be somewhat fair. We see Jacob kill people through people, like Ben. We see MIB kill people as or through Smokey. I think that the reason Smokey “judges” people, it’s his way of making sure he doesn’t break the rules before killing them. Whatever the rules are.

    I think the MIB sympathy is a trick. DON”T FALL FOR IT!!!!! :o)

  6. I think when the boy (young Jacob?) said on last night’s show “You know the rules – you can’t kill them (or him?)” then Sawyer and Flocke climbed down the precarious cliff (and Flocke had to essentially save Sawyer) it showed that “the rules” are that Jacob and MIB can’t kill any of the players while on the isalnd (and maybe can’t kill then directly anywhere). The fact that Flocke crossed of Locke’s name (meaning he is finished after being killed off the island) supports this, and the fact that neither Locke nor Jacob were killed directly by MIB (in fact both killed by Ben) leads to a clue about the other rules of the game (and the loophole). Could it also be that Ben is able to kill participants (i.e. the Candidates and the current leaders – Jacob and MIB) because he was saved by the water in the temple (this is the way that he is “never the same”)? If so, Sayid can again potentially become an assassin (and maybe work for Ben again!). is the game simply one of manipulation (making others do what you are not allowed to do under the rules) and/or is it a last man standing game – the last Candidate on Jacob’s “side” becomes the new Jacob, last on MIB’s “side” becomes him/it? If so, and if MIB can’t recruit someone to his side, then maybe he can’t be “released” and has to go through another cycle with Jacob or a new Jacob.

  7. My running theory is that it’s not good versus evil, but light versus shadow, or living versus dead. Maybe progress versus history, or change versus stasis. It could simply be a gigantic game of backgammon, anything BUT good versus evil!

    I was convinced when he said ” What about you?” to Ben? I got a chill up my spine the emotionless way he responded to poor Ben!

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