New info(to me) on the Ash

When looking at info on the MIB/smoke monster here:

I noticed that the losties have remained safe from the smoke monster through hiding in a banyan tree several times, you know, the tree that looks like a cage of roots.  It would seem that the monster can’t get past a banyan tree…i have no idea why though, as it has uprooted other trees in the past…

My question is, can the ash be ash from a banyan tree?

Before anyone says it, I know that Ilana collecting Jacob’s ash seems to suggest that the ash is him, but this still doesn’t make sense, i mean how can they have so much of it, on and off the island?

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14 thoughts on “New info(to me) on the Ash

  1. i think there was a post on this the other day… not sure who wrote it (sorry) about whether the trees were the ash around jacob’s cabin… or it could have been volcanic ash (remember when Bernard was making his SOS sign?).
    there were a few suggestions of what it could be ( cant remember much to be honest)..
    and from the last episode (what Kate does) Sayid has ash put on him before he is tested/tortured…
    its all connected some how!! lol

  2. Chris, interesting thought on the Banyan tree.

    Helentink, I think you summarized it well. It has been suggested on this site that the ash might be volcano ash or Jacob’s ashes. I had forgotten about Bernard using ashes to create an SOS sign.

    (It was also suggested that the ash around the Cabin might be time travelled remains of the burnt down Cabin but I guess we can forget about that theory now.)

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but if the ash is Jacob and the ash was around the cabin then wouldn’t Jacob already have to be dead before he died?

    But there is something important about the ash… it’s kind of interesting to me that the writers chose ash and smoke since they are kind of connected-ish…

  4. i think it’s been suggested that jacob may have been through this many times before and each time his ash is collected. but still, they have ALOT of ash. maybe it’s cremated others?

  5. Ash in the past 5 seasons have been black. Jacob’s ash is white. I don’t think they’re connected. Jacob’s ash might be a different significance, like maybe it’s the way to clean the pool.

  6. I remember Locke saying he saw a bright light, not a dark smoke monster, maybe there have been 2 monsters all along, but it would be too much of a dead giveaway to show a white smoke monster(jacob) too…

  7. Interesting thoughts. I had thought that the ash was simply everyone on Jacobs side that had died. But now I am not so sure. Whatever it is it repels MIB.

    It does seem odd to me that Jacob died, that one time, that easily. It does make me wonder if there have been many deaths, or if it wasn’t really Jacob. But now that I’ve said it that doesn’t make sense either.

    As for the tree, good thoughts. In the Bible the tree represents life, well life and the knowledge of good and evil. (Adam and eve). Maybe they hide in the life giving tree.

    Ok, I am done.

  8. In the post that mentions the trees, I bought up the idea that it might contain some of smokie’s ashes as a homeopathic repellant, like Cliff said. I think it will be a mix of stuff rather than just one thing.
    I felt that she was taking it as something of personal importance, the way some people carry the ashes of loved ones, or to have a memorial or something?

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