Who the candidates are and why.

At the end of Season 5, I made a post called “Jacob’s Blessing”. My theory was that Jacob had “blessed” a lot of the Losties by touching them either directly or indirectly. After the close up on each person’s name in the new episode, it flashes back to the point in their life where Jacob encountered them. There are 2 questionable aspects:

1. Jin or Sun?
2. Why not Kate?

1. It’s Jin, because Jacob directly touched Sun, and in the case of all the other candidates, it is indirect contact, whether it be clothing or a candy bar. At their wedding, Jacob touches Jin’s suit jacket, and Sun’s arm.
2. In Kate’s flashback at the end of Season 5, Jacob playfully pokes her nose, making direct contact.

I’m not exactly sure why direct contact with the skin makes them void of becoming candidates, but maybe it means that Kate and Sun are something more.

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47 thoughts on “Who the candidates are and why.

  1. In the case of direct and indirect contact, i would have said that jacob touced/brushed jack’s hand when passing the chocolate bar, so i dont personally think this is a reason why the girls were/wouldn’t be chosen.
    I think that Sun is a more likely candidate that Jin, but purely based on the fact that Jin did bad things after he had been touched.. (like Kate) he didn’t kill anyone before the island, but he did cause harm to people purposefully, and i think it was because he got too used to following orders and not choosing free will and a good life.
    Whereas Sun showed free will, by choosing not to leave Jin, and to speak her own mind, be her own person. Although, now saying that, i suppose the Sayid would have been scrubbed off the list if that was the case, as he tortured people, under orders of someone else… but, also saying that,Jacob touched him (haha sounds perverted) AFTER he was in Iraq so, maybe cos he turned his life around (outside the island) he was a worthy person?

  2. I’m not so sure being touched has anything to do with being a candidate.

    We are led to believe that the reason why they were all brought to the island is that Jacob thought of them as candidates. However, he did not even meet Sayid or Hurley until after the crash and after they returned home. Therefore, they couldn’t be candidates pre-crash.

    If touching has anything to do with being a candidate, the only way I can think to reconcile the two is if two other 815ers were identified as candidates and died, leaving Sayid and Hurley to replace them.

    If so, now that Locke has been crossed out, given the role he has played and last night’s title, is it possible Ben becomes a substitute for Locke as a candidate (for the record, Jacob touched him)?

  3. Also, we see that “Shephard” is a candidate. Just to throw it out there, is it possible that Shephard refers to Christian, Claire, or Aaron? After all, Pickett did say Shephard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.

  4. I thought the same thing regarding the bloodlines being important after seeing only the last names. Maybe throughout time different people with these last names, or bloodlines, have been brought to the island.

  5. @apache – claire is a littleton. and therefore so is aaron. christian is dead (maybe he is infected… whatever. maybe that explains why claire isn’t a candidate.)

    as for the idea of bloodlines and that having something to do with the name and just because it says shephard or kwon doesn’t mean it’s talking about jack or jin or sun – i would have to disagree.

    it says locke. his dad’s name wasn’t locke. it was his mother’s name. i think it was simply their names. kwon could mean jin or sun. (i would guess jin)

    and who is to say that jacob wrote the list out before 815 got there? and who is to say that MIB didn’t actually write it? (that cat seems sneaky)

  6. @ilieintheshowdowofthestatue – ha. that is great.

    and i think waycurious is right on the candidates being boys club. i think the only reason that it won’t be jin is if the writers just want to throw us off. sun is pretty big in the show. but she can’t be the final hero. (not that jack, locke, sayid, hurley, sawyer or jin really can be. i still believe in jacob being the hero.)

  7. I keep thinking that the numbers go back to the doubling cube in backgammon. 2,4,8,16,32,64. 3 of these are 4 Locke, 8 Ryeyes, 16 Jarah. The other three are unknowns. Everyone on the ceiling had a number assigned to them.

    Maybe in this large Backgammon game they are picking sides and assigning numbers. Plus we have Rose, Bernard, Kate, Clair, Ben, Richard, Christian and others who are very important but DON’T have numbers assigned to them. Why?? Are they just on another team? Maybe these numbers ARE MIB’s and Jacob gets all the others?

    And MIB did say he just wants to go home. Thats the whole point of Backgammon. To get back to your home board.

  8. What if the touching isn’t picking the candidates, Jacob has already picked them, he just pops up when needed to give them the push they need to get them where he wants them – so maybe Sayid and Hurley were making those choices themselves but needed that push to get BACK to the island.

  9. MIB was pretty certain that if you were a candidate that you must have met Jacob at some point in your life.

    I think the biggest question of all is why the hell does Kate not have a number? She was visited and touched by Jacob.

  10. Kate has obvious significance because she was touched by Jacob and she’s the only one who was touched and doesn’t have a number. Kate is the variable and that’s why she has no number. She’s going to be central to the rest of the story, very likely (I think) because Jack and Sawyer seem to have fallen on opposite sides at the moment.

    As for Sun and Jin I’d say KWON is both of them. If not then it’s Jin for two reasons. Jin has survived some crazy stuff and I can only assume he had some divine (or semi-divine) help in coming out of those situations alive (the raft, the freighter…). That at really, Sun’s family name isn’t Kwon. It’s Pak.

  11. A quick rewatch of last night’s episode on my compy with a screen freeze reveals that “LITTLETON” is one of the names on the ceiling – her number is 313. I believe there are more names than just the ‘main’ losties.

  12. So, I just thought of something… The name Shepard on the cave doesn’t have to mean Jack Shepard… It can mean Claire Shepard (Littleton was her mom’s last name) and/or Aaron Shepard… just a thought

  13. I was just going 2 say the same thing ilieintheshadow, and Charlie’s dead, and I didn’t see Pace on the wall… I just said Aaron, and Claire are also candidates…

  14. I didnt read all the comments but yet but how do we know if the Shepard could be Claire, technically she could be considered a shepard but there is Christian Shepard on the Island as well.

  15. Should read the comments BiNG, as well as you Sinster. That point’s been brought up on two separate occasions prior to BiNG’s post.

    Anyways, as for Kwon, my roommate brought up a good point. MIB is said to be recruiting. First he tries Richard and then Sawyer. If Sun was important enough to be on Jacob’s wall, wouldn’t MIB want to recruit her when he’s with her in the camp?


  16. No, no women can participate. The women all have various issues with the island, especially related to reproduction. Shepard is or was Christian……..Littleton is not Claire it is Aaron.

  17. Who ever said that because the names are crossed-out, that means that person is dead? Smokey crossed-out Locke’s names because, since he is dead, he can no longer be considered a candidate. But what if there are other reasons (aside from death) that a person loses their candidacy? Maybe Kate’s name is up there and crossed-out for an unknown reason.

  18. I agree w/ u on this inquisitor even w/ my post. Once I saw the full list of names it as obvious b/c Miles is not dead. Juliet also died after Jacob, so she was crossed off for another reason.

  19. throwing this out there… if jack wasnt on jacob’s list, christian is dead, claire doesnt count cos she is a Littleton (as is aaron).. then could the last shepard left be Jack’s grandad?? we met him at one point, and he was all mysterious…
    (literally scraping the barrel)

  20. Is Claire really a Littleton? Does Jacob really care what her birth certificate says? Her father is a Shephard so maybe Jacob knows her as a Shephard. If that is the case then we have no idea what name would be written in the cave for Aaron.

  21. i think littleton is claire. you really think theyll bring back her mom? i’m not so sure…

    ALSO… when sawyer sees shephards name, sawyer asks MIB Jack? and MIB agrees…

  22. One thing that I noticed that I think is going to become really important has to do with the numbers next to the names. All the names that have been crossed out have had (seemingly) random numbers next to them. The one’s we see available have “The” numbers next to them. We obviously know there’s more significance to these numbers than we have been told thus far. What do you all think the implications will be now that one of “The” numbers has been crossed out? (i.e. Locke – 4)

    Also, in relation to the names, Locke was the name of his mother thus making the name be related to their actual name and not necessarily their bloodline. In this sense could Aaron be considered an Austen? Wouldn’t he have Kate’s last name now?

    Just some thoughts…what do you all think?


  23. @highbrow – i’ve already said this. but shephard is going to definitely be jack or christian because that is their name.

    locke’s father (this bloodline that people seem to be obsessed with) is not a locke. that was his mother’s name and therefore his birth name. if it matters who the dad is – we would have seen “4-cooper”

    so just because the father was christian shephard doesn’t make her a shephard. her name is littleton.

  24. I agree that Claire is technically a Shepard, but then so is Aaron. Since Littleton is written I believe it refers 2 Claire, I don’t think her Mom is going 2 appear on the island.

  25. Kate’s married – maybe her name’s there BUT not Cooper …

    Was Lapedus there? (It was asked if he were ‘a candidate’ in Incident pt. 1 w/no reply, just showed him the box.)

  26. i think if we were going to get really technical over claires last name (which is littleton,and could still be littleton on her birth certificate) then we could then say that IF she was a shepard (just because her dad was one), then technically, aaron would be whatever his fathers last name is (i’ve looked, there is none).
    and kate WAS married yes, but then, she wasn’t known by her real name when she was about to get married, so i think by that count, it would make her marriage void and she is still austen.

  27. I don’t understand why there’s so much debate over Claire’s name.

    1. We know Jacob goes by their actual last name and not blood line because of Locke (whose father was a cooper/Locke was his mothers name)

    2. There’s a Littleton on the wall.


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