How will it end?

Maybe we’re watching the actual end in the flash sideways right now. Perhaps that the real cause of the non-island universe is something that has yet to happen, and the story on the island now is how the losties kept the crash from happening and sunk the island. This will allow us to see both a long epilogue of what happens to the characters without the islands interference, and a satisfying explanation of how/why the island exists and why they are involved with it.

So, in a way, we’re actually seeing flashbacks still, but the flashbacks are of the losties on the island, we just don’t know that its something that already happened yet.
Now that, would be a blow-your-mind-out-the-back-of-your-head moment! I hope I’m wrong though, just because I want to be totally surprised.

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9 thoughts on “How will it end?

  1. Yeah i was thinking something along these lines. Purely based on the writers always trying to deceive us in plain view.
    Would be great to have an ending that nobody saw coming though

  2. yep, this has been theorized many times. i sure hope its not true! that was my first thought once i watched the season premiere… i hope the writers want us to actually think the alternate universe is a flashforward lol.

  3. I think that too, ….
    so we have already seen the end of: claire, kate, ethan, locke, ben…
    eventually also jack: he made peace with loosing his father’s body, not his father himself?

  4. …ive come to an acceptance that we’re just not going to figure out the real ending. It’s a good acceptance. I’m not saying we can’t get into the ballpark though.

  5. Whatever the Alternate timeline is, I hope it has some serious importance, cause I’m not really liking it a whole lot since it basically has no meaning to us right now.

  6. I think it’s weird how nobody recognizes anyone from the plane in the alt. Not even Jack and Desmond (not completely). That seems signifigant to me.

  7. I like your theory, and have always thought this show is about something terrible that happens in the future, and time travel was one to try adn fix this.

    eg the film twelve monkeys. Terrible virus unleashes. Time travel experiments unleashed with Bruce Willis as the ginea pig. Weird stuff going on.

    Black monster is fatetrying to course correct. jacob is part of a team trying to go back in time and change the course of events. beating destiny is part of this challenge to ensure human survival.

    It could work.

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