Series 5 really confused me with talk of variables etc. Can someone please explain what a variable is and the whole meaning of whateva happened happened and what a constant is, i know what a constant is but how it applies etc. Im so confised with this and i want to be able to understand this series.

Many thanks for anyone who attempts to explain all this to me =]

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  1. I’ll try. The idea of whh within Lost is that even though the group went back in time, they can’t change anything – they have already experienced the future created by the 1977 that they went to. They will always do the same. So Sawyer would have always saved Amy because that’s what he’d do which is why in 2004 we’ve seen the results of that with Ethan. Sawyer had already done that in 1977

  2. WHH is that you can’t change anything in 1977 because the results could affect the events that got them back to the past in the first place, therefore not being able to make a change…
    If there was onlt one timeline happening in Lost, the bomb going off differently couldn’t happen because if they changed the event in 1977 and 815 didn’t crash – then they wouldn’t have been on the Ajira flight to flash to the 70s to change the event, so a paradox would occur. The writers have worked around this by using that event to split the timeline in 2 – one where nothing was changed and continues on as we saw in seasons 1-5 and another timeline where the bomb did go off and we are now seeing the consequences of that.
    Daniel talked about people being varibles in that we don’t HAVE to act in the same way. As most people make decisions based on their biological and environmental programing, and that people would tend to make the same decisions in the same situations over and over again. For someone to be a variable and make a change they have to break their internal programming and DO differently that what they would normally do and that’s really hard to do (Daniel talking to Charlotte even though he knew what would happen and tried not to). So people can be a variable (in science experiments the variable is the thing that you change to see how it affects and changes the results) but just because they CAN act differently doesn’t mean they will. Hope this makes sense.

    My ideas on the constant in Lost is that it is kind of life the life preserver vest for time travel/consciousness time travel. It or they are the safety rope that connects you to the time you should be in.

  3. It’s hard to explain, because it’s still open to interpretation.
    Me for example don’t think there are 2 Timelines.

    So Variables and Constants have a different meaning.

    A more open interpretation is, that you just take the mathematical expressions and convert it to the lost story. “This” equals “That” and at the End there is an Result. 🙂

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