Who is in th epicture behind Locke in the Temp Agency?

When Locke and Rose are discussing his career aspirations, there is an unusually photograph behind him. It appear to be a portrait, not a poster, which is sort of unusual for the decor of an employment agency. The man looks alot like Desmond, but the woman does not look at all like Penny- she’s dark-haired. We’ve been fooled by weird background stuff before- such as the technician on a laptoi we all mistook for Claire when Sun speaks to Christian, but the sheer size of the photo seems to be a bigger tip-off than usual.

What do you think?

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21 thoughts on “Who is in th epicture behind Locke in the Temp Agency?

  1. yes yes yes! i soo noticed this, and my fiance did to we sat there during that whole clip saying thats GOTTA be Desmond! Definetly thanks for reminding me, but im right with ya i definetly saw it!

  2. interesting, i never spotted that.

    If it is Desmond thats reminiscent of the Ms Hawking picture on that monks desk..hmmm.

    Could be a clue as to whats happening in the alt universe, I thought all those coincidental meetings between Locke and others were a little suspicious.

  3. In the first shot of that scene you can see the whole picture and it seems to be a ‘get your dream job’ poster. The guy really does look like Des, so is he a B grade male model in this new timeline????

  4. Noticing continuity and details are part of my day job. 😉 Eko I agree I don’t think it’s Ilana, as the woman’s hair is stick-straight. Maybe it’s Nadia? Compared with the painting of “her” in Ben’s house, the painting of the dog and Eloise’s picture on the Monk’s desk, this one seems like such a hit over the head, doesn’t it? Desmond why are you in Rose’s office?!?!

  5. Personally, I think it looks like Sayid and his lover. (Nadia is it?) In the alt timeline they are probably happily married and Sayid was never a torturer.

  6. Katie you are right- it couldbe Sayid. If that’s the case, then perhaps it really is just a poster- if it could be Desmond or Sayid then it could be anyone at all!

  7. Also, it appears the couple is sitting on a porch of a house. I know Sayid built houses in the Dominican Republic before he came back to the island, so he has the carpentry skills. Have we ever seen the girl that was talking to Locke before Rose before at all? That is really her office and not Rose’s. Hmmmm… I would also like to know what the piece of paper over Locke’s other shoulder says.

  8. sorry, but i dont think its sayid and nadia…

    sayid on the new flight, was still holding nadias picture and info like he was on the original flight.

    don’t think he’s met up with her again yet.

    locke gets fired immediately when he gets back, and then goes to the temp agency…couldn’t be more than a week.

    nadia and sayid wouldn’t be on a poster together yet…

  9. Yeah it does look quite a bit like Desmond, but I’m not sure who the woman is. Not Ilana though IMO. It’s funny how they showed it to us twice in different positions in the office, like it’s really important – maybe to throw back the idea that they have two different paths that ultimately lead to the same ending?

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