What is HOME for Flocke / MIB ?

Written 17th February

Flocke/MIB says that he wants to “Go Home” in Episode 1 this season.  He also said in the most recent episode that he was a man just like Sawyer once.  Where / what do you think he means by “Home”?

Most logical for me is he wants to leave the island and go back to dry land.  For what purpose is up in the air, too.  To wreak havoc/destroy the world?

Are there any more exotic theories on MIB’s “Home” out there based on evidence from the show?

I’ve read some really bizarre things like “MIB/Flocke” is an Alien and wants to return to his home planet.  Or maybe less strange, that Flocke wants to time-travel to change the history of things in his favor permanently.  Is Flocke like Dorothy stuck in an alternate world as in “The Wizard of Oz” — MIB just wants to go back home to Kansas and forget this fantastic nightmare?  LOL, if Flocke puts on a pair of ruby red shoes and starts saying “There’s no place like home,” I’m going to laugh.

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2 thoughts on “What is HOME for Flocke / MIB ?

  1. Well i think him referring to himself as a man means he was once human. I personally have an egyptian theory with the show. The book of the dead etc im sure the gods and deitys have a home. Kind of a heaven but not heaven if that makes sense. probally not but it works in my head at least lol

  2. Well if MIB has been alive for hundreds of years or more, maybe he is referring to like some kind of spiritual home, like when someone dies and they say that they have, “gone home.” Everyone keeps saying how MIB can’t go into another body, that his Locke bod is it…..that is really a strange fact also….

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